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[HWPL] HWPL's Press Conference after the 31st World Peace Tour at Incheon Airport


[HWPL] HWPL's Press Conference after the 31st World Peace Tour at Incheon Airport

Chairman Man Hee Lee and the peace advocates of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) recently finished their 31st World Peace Tour in Romania and Eastern Europe for a World Peace Conference in Bucharest. Chairman Lee and these peace advocates discussed 'the role of religion for world peace', 'the way to peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsular' and 'the role of international organizations for world peace' to spur on the global mood of peace, and to spread a culture of peace.

HWPL, 동유럽에 DPCW와 대한민국 평화통일 지지 확인 / 07.04.2019 / Dongyang Daily / Korea 

HWPL held a press conference announcing their achievements and results from the 31st World Peace Tour to the press right after their arrival at Incheon Airport in Korea. Chairman Lee started the conference saying, "We accepted their invitation and attended a peace conference in Romania because it was for world peace and cessation of international conflict."

Chairman Lee added :

"Countless people gathered at the event and they all supported the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) with its 10 articles and 38 clauses, as well as the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsular. People everywhere want world peace and the cessation of all wars."

"Every world citizen should become a messenger of peace for the enactment of the DPCW as international law. Only when war is ceased will peace become a reality. We need an answer for world peace. That is why I suggested the DPCW. If we support the DPCW, we can achieve world peace."

HWPL, 동유럽에 DPCW와 대한민국 평화통일 지지 확인 / 07.04.2019 / Dongyang Daily / Korea

Ms. Hyunsook Yoon, the general director of IWPG (International Women Peace Group), said :

"I'm absolutely certain that the DPCW will solve all women's issues globally, so we will keep urging leaders from every state to support the DPCW. I can see that there are women who can take the lead in pursuit of world peace. I will steadily urge every world leader to support the DPCW."

HWPL,루마니아 순방…동유럽 지도자들과 국제 평화 컨퍼런스 개최 / Reporter Soojin Kwon / 09.04.2019 / Daekyung Daily / Korea

Since March 14th this year, HWPL has been carrying out its 'Peace Letter Campaign' sending peace letters from citizens everywhere to leaders and UN ambassadors in every country to urge for their support of the DPCW and its enactment at the UN. HWPL's campaign is helping the world achieve peace and the cessation of violent conflict that transcends age, sex, nationality, religion and race.

Chairman Man Hee Lee said :

"There should no longer be victims of war in our world. In the face of this reality, should we just stand still and do nothing?...When we advocate for peace to our national leaders, they will become peace advocates. But those who do not listen to their people will become opponents of peace."

HWPL reported that IPYG (International Peace Youth Group; a sub-group of HWPL) has collected and sent over 200,000 peace letters to heads of states. Mr. Young Min Chung, general director of IPYG, said that their goal is to submit the DPCW to the UN General Assembly for its ratification and for the peaceful reunification of Korea.

Letters from Citizens to National Leaders: Endorsing Accountability for Global Peace Building at the UN General Assembly / March 18 2019 / The Jet / Fiji

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper and let's write a peace letter to heads of state alongside HWPL :) Let's become heroes of peace together.


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  1. This work of peace is the most hopeful work of peace I have ever seen. We are getting very near to introducing the DPCW to the United Nations for adoption as international law.

  2. When religion is harmonized and united, the world is considered to be a world of peace