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[HWPL] HWPL Incheon Branch Hosted WARP Office


[HWPL] HWPL Incheon Branch Hosted WARP Office

HWPL's (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, Chairman: Man Hee Lee) effort towards world peace continued on as its Incheon branch hosted a WARP Office in March 2019.

HWPL's Incheon branch reported that they hosted its 'Mansoo, Joo-an WARP Office's 11th Interfaith Dialogue Meeting' at its office in March. HWPL's WARP Office is a meeting for interfaith dialogue between religions to resolve global conflicts, helping religious leaders and believers to participate in inter-religious discussion and promote religious understanding and harmony for the cause of world peace.

Cheondogyo, Buddhist and Christian panels joined in the event to provide evidence for their respective scripture including when and how world peace through religious harmony is promised within each scripture.

HWPL 인천지부, 기독교 불교 천도교 이해와 화합 위한 토론회 개최 / Reporter Yanghoon Kim / March 11th 2019 / Maeil Daily

The Buddhist panel said that people can co-exist through mutual harmony and peace by respecting each other, while the Cheondogyo panel said that each person must perceive the truth in scriptures to unify people, society, race and country.

The Christian panel explained that the Bible is the truth because the reality of the Old and New Testaments have appeared through 'Prophecy and Fulfillment', adding that, 'True world peace can be achieved when God's kingdom is created on earth and when we overcome Satan's world and ourselves with Jesus' true words'.

After the discussion, all panels acknowledged their responsibility as religious leaders and promised that they would keep participating in HWPL's events to help fulfil their pursuit of world peace.

HWPL has been regularly hosting its WARP Office 'Interfaith Dialogue' since 2014 in more than 70 countries, and about 3000 leaders from most world religions have been working jointly with HWPL.


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  1. It is so good seeing this tremendous work of peace grow among religions.

  2. When religion is harmonized and united, the world is considered to be a world of peace