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[Peace news] HWPL WARP Office meeting hosted in Daejun and Busan

[Peace news]

[HWPL] HWPL WARP Office meeting hosted in Daejun and Busan

HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. Chairperson: Mr. Man Hee Lee) WARP Office Daejeon and Busan branches both hosted the WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Office Interfaith Dialogue in July.

HWPL 대전종교연합사무실, 제16차 경서비교토론회 개최 / Reporter Gunyong Lee / Geumgang Daily / July 22nd 2019 / South Korea

HWPL's WARP Office hosted the meeting under the title 'God's Promise' and 'The Truth' in Daejeon and Busan branches, respectively. Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, and Cheondogyo leaders participated in the panel to discuss the theme.

HWPL 동부지부, 부산서 '경서비교토론회' 개최 / Reporter Gyeongsu Seo / Prime Gyeongje / Juy 21st 2019 / South Korea

Regarding the theme 'God's Promise', Pastor Won (Christian) emphasized the New Testament and coming of God's kingdom while the Buddhist and Muslim leaders talked about 'Self-Realization for salvation' and 'Keeping the words of the Quran', respectively.

Meanwhile, the panel discussed 'The Truth' from each religion's perspective and talked about 'The truth and standard of each scripture' and 'The process and purpose of achieving the truth'. An audience member who participated in the meeting entitled 'The Truth' said, "I don't think that it is easy to perceive the truth in this chaotic world where there is so much falsehood. After listening to each religion's truth, I conclude that the ultimate purpose of truth is love."

HWPL has been hosting WARP Office meetings regularly since 2014 for the harmony of religions. It now has 250 branches in 127 countries.


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  1. In a world riddled with religiously-motivated conflict, HWPL's work in uniting leaders of all faiths is unprecedented and so important. Thank you for all you are doing, HWPL.

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