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[HWPL News] Global News After 918 World Peace WARP Summit (2)

[HWPL News]

[HWPL News] Global News After 918 World Peace WARP Summit (2)

Greetings! Family of peace :)

Today I have brought 2 global peace news articles from journalists who participated in the 918 World Peace WARP Summit on the 18th of September :) They both agreed on the necessity and efficiency of HWPL's DPCW for world peace and the cessation of war, and they also praised the sustainable benefits of the DPCW's 10 articles and 38 clauses.

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The first article is from 'Caribbean News Now!' Its associate editor, Mr. Youri Kemp, had an exclusive interview with a politician from Barbados who also joined the 918 World Peace WARP Summit and discussed how the DPCW can be applied in Central and Southern American countries and how fantastic the event was :)

They both participated the WARP Summit for the first time
The link to the article :

I would like to share some quotes from the article which really stand out to me :)

Caribbean News Network: Yes, I think that is the most important thing, pushing for the United Nations declaration. Do you think the Caribbean should join in that?

Arthur Holder (The Barbados Politician) : Yes, because it is all about peace, even though I look at it from two segments: the declaration of peace and the cessation of war, so even as you segment them or you coalesce them together, I think it is important because it is all about resolving conflict, and living in harmony, it straddles any continent, I think seen from a world perspective. So I think it is important, not only for the African states, but from a world perspective the promotion of harmony and the end of conflict, I think it is important for us to have that in the society.

The second news article is from a financial newspaper in U.S.A. It summarizes a few of the conferences hosted as part of the 918 World Peace WARP Summit. The conferences emphasized and urged people to join in the peace work of HWPL and to support the DPCW and its peace campaign. This article delivers messages from the events concisely. Did you miss the event, but want to know what people discussed? Reading this article will help :)
Article's link :
Let me share some quotes for you from this article :)

"There is no reason to fight if all religions are in harmony," said HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee. "To achieve religious harmony, believers must compare and verify the texts in their religious scriptures, searching for the truth. Then, we all need to become one under the truth. Believers have the responsibilities of leading people to a true path."

"So, all religious leaders who love peace should participate in WARP Office and build cooperation with leaders of different faiths," Mr. Chacour concluded.

During the session, Chairwoman Hyun Sook Yoon of IWPG delivered the message of the meaning of woman empowerment for peacebuilding and the outlook on the future peace initiatives. "For centuries, there have been countless first ladies in the history. Some remained as great figures in our memory, but some remained nothing after the name. First ladies, gathered here today, gathered for peace in the country of their own as well as in all nations around the world. Your names will be remembered to the people forever as messengers of peace when the peaceful world is completed."

Both of the articles' messages are simple : Everyone should join HWPL's campaign and support the DPCW to achieve true world peace :) You can show support for HWPL and join this peace group or you can figure out any political or group campaign if you are in a position of power :)

Even the common man - like myself - is taking part in this peace action through this blog and articles :) Everyone can help world peace :) It's not too late, you can still join :)

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