Sunday, September 30, 2018

[HWPL News] 918 HWPL WARP Summit on the 'Global' air


[HWPL News] 918 HWPL WARP Summit on the 'Global' air

Greetings! Family of peace!

Today, I have brought you short video news about a conference at the 918 HWPL WARP Summit.

As I have written in other articles about the 918 HWPL WARP Summit, swarms of press have come to the WARP Summit, and thousands of cameras and microphones recording and interviewing the event and its people.

This video news is about 'the 2nd conference for global peace media network' which was a part of the HWPL WARP Summit. Participants of the 918 HWPL WARP Summit also joined the conference and discussed the necessity of the DPCW and the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. Prominent politicians and legal experts from all over the world signed M.O.U.s with HWPL to do this peace work together. The chairman of HWPL, Mr. Man Hee Lee, gave a speech to urge participants to work for world peace too.

Anyway, let's cut the chit-chat :) and look at the video (Notice: The video is in Bengali)

Moving forward, I promise to bring you more interesting articles :) (because today's article is too short) I hope you enjoyed the video.


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