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[Peace Quotes] Quotations from HWPL's 31st World Peace Tour

[Peace Quotes]

[Peace Quotes] Quotations from HWPL's 31st World Peace Tour

Chairman Man Hee Lee and the peace advocates of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) finished their 31st World Peace Tour with successful results having spread the importance of the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) and the culture of peace. Chairman Man Hee Lee and prominent VIPs who participated in the events during HWPL's 31st World Peace Tour in Eastern Europe delivered significant and meaningful speeches for people everywhere.

Today, let's look at some of these quotes from the conference 'The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Approaching the Protracted Conflicts: Culture of Peace through Understanding the Other'

World Citizens-Participating Cultural Diplomacy in Event Co-Hosted by HWPL / PRUnderground / April 10th 2019 / New York / USA

Imam Amir Aziz - Islam of Ahmadiyya-Moschee in Wilmersdorf, Berlin :

"(WARP Office is) a phenomenal instrument as a new approach to peacebuilding by religion"

"The religious scripture comparison held in WARP Office is an unprecedented type of discussion based on the standard of a trustworthy scripture."

Mr. Nicolai Sprekels - President of Saram, a human rights organization for North Koreans : 

"Peace that requires a sacrifice of humanity is only assumed as half peace. Peace doesn't only refer to the unarmed state, but it is perfectly accomplished when it is consistently kept."

Mr. Drgomir Marian - President of Master Peace :

"Through Peace education over 5 terms.....Through education, we have realized that teaching the principles of peace in the early stage of life can transform the youth to embrace peace."

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL :

"The primary duty of a religious leader is to understand the true meaning of religion. That is why religious leaders should gather at these interfaith dialogue meetings at the WARP Office to discuss their respective scriptures."


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  1. Chairman Lee is truly championing this work of peace uniting leaders of all faiths. It is truly remarkable work.