Monday, February 18, 2019

[IPYG] 2019 Youth Peace Conference, Youth Make Tomorrow : Unity and Harmony


[IPYG] 2019 Youth Peace Conference, Youth Make Tomorrow : Unity and Harmony

<HWPL 30th World Peace Tour>

HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. The chairman: Mr. Man Hee Lee) has been working for world peace since its foundation in 2013. It has two sub-groups, which are IWPG (International Women's Peace Group) and IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) which work with many people and NGOs around the world. 

HWPL chairman : Mr. Man Hee Lee

Mr. Man Hee Lee, an 89-year-old Korean War veteran who had experienced the severity and cruelty of war, founded HWPL and its sub-groups for the purpose of making world peace. HWPL and its chairman Man Hee Lee have been successfully carrying out its ‘Legislate Peace’ campaign globally to enact the new international law DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War), which is the only answer for world peace. HWPL and Mr. Man Hee Lee also completed their (27th, 28th and 29th) World Peace Tour 3 times last year with fantastic results.

HWPL achievements in 2018 /

Chairman Mr. Man Hee Lee argues that youth (young adults) are victims who lose their lives at the front-lines of war. Politicians and religious leaders are the ones who cause war and conflict, but young adults are the ones who sacrifice their lives. However, no one can compensate for their loss. Who and what can pay for a life that was robbed of its opportunity to bloom?

So, Chairman Lee founded IPYG to protect youth everywhere from war. IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) is a global peace group for the youth.

IPYG has been carrying out many global initiatives such as the Peace Letter Campaign, Legislate Peace Campaign, 525 Peace Walk Campaign etc. It works alongside many people beyond religion, race, country etc.

One of IPYG's main initiatives is the Peace Letter Campaign. Participants of the campaign write a letter to world leaders to urge them to support the DPCW (Declaration of Peace Cessation of War) which is the only resolution to stop casualties and fatalities among young adults caused by war and conflict.

Actually, participants of the event had time to write a letter to world leaders to urge them to support and sign the DPCW at the UN :)

As Mr. Man Hee Lee said in today’s speech, world peace can be achieved when all people become one. We have to know that we all have the responsibility of keeping our future generations and planet at peace; not for other motives but for ourselves and for our children :)

We are ONE!

Why don't you watch the full video of the event and listen to the inspiring speeches by Mr. Man Hee Lee and other VVIPs for world peace? The world needs you to achieve world peace. You can also be a messenger of peace :)

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  1. Politicians who, in most cases, would not dare not send their own child into war, instead make decisions sending other youth into war. How shameful. This work of peace is of utmost importance. Religious leaders need to keep meeting.