Monday, February 18, 2019

[HWPL] Religious Leaders United as One! -Religious Leaders Peace Conference, Sydney 2019-


[HWPL] Religious Leaders United as One! -Religious Leaders Peace Conference, Sydney 2019-

<HWPL 30th World Peace Tour>

As I told you in my last article, HWPL and Chairman Lee are currently on their 30th World Peace Tour. On the 18th of February, HWPL hosted 'Religious Leaders Peace Conference, Sydney 2019' with the theme 'Religious World Without Discrimination, Religious Leaders Becoming One'.

Now, you might ask why HWPL invited religious leaders for world peace?

Our world and humanity is suffering from war and conflict in many regions, and 80% of them are caused by religious reasons. Religion should bring peace and life to people but, in reality, it is being used for conflict and discrimination.

So, what do we have to do to stop religiously-motivated wars, conflicts and discrimination? Religious leaders participated in today's event to tackle these issues, and Mr. Man Hee Lee of HWPL has been carrying out a peace campaign and spreading the DPCW (Declaration of Peace Cessation of War) for the resolution of such issues.

If all leaders and believers of every religion can understand and tolerate each other as per the above declaration, then there would be no more religiously-inspired wars and conflicts. Less pain and suffering for humanity, and more steps forward to world peace :)

Many religious leaders in Australia participated in the event. They are :

Don't you want to know what they said about world peace?

What is the true religion among the many religions of the world?

What words did Mr. Man Hee Lee give religious leaders?

How did religious leaders react to Chairman Lee's speech?

Watch the whole video, and check it out for yourself :)

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  1. “There’s nothing more shameful than knowing that the majority of wars are caused by religion...This is not religion. In order to achieve peace, religion should become one.”
    Chairman Lee HWPL

  2. the DPCW is our only solution to world peace !