Friday, October 12, 2018

[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : Questions for Mr. Man Hee Lee and HWPL


[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : Questions for Mr. Man Hee Lee and HWPL

Greetings! Family of Peace :)

Today, I’m bringing you a short article about the 918 World Peace WARP Summit. Among thousands of participants, there was much press including reporters and journalists gathering news about HWPL, the 918 World Peace WARP Summit and the DPCW. On behalf of these wonderful messengers of peace, HWPL hosted the official Press Conference for the 2018 HWPL World Peace Summit for the press to ask many questions to chairman Man Hee Lee, and to HWPL, IWPG and IPYG.

Enthusiastic questions bombarded the conference room as reporters and journalists raised their hands restlessly. Questions from participants at the conference reflected their serious interest in HWPL and in Mr. Man Hee Lee. Let's take a look at some of these questions :)

What impact will this year’s HWPL World Peace Summit have on security and peace in the world?
Mr. Nam Gyeong Won, Sunday Newspaper
Women are so important in the creation of a world for women. IWPG has a huge impact in Asia but this is also particularly true in Africa, especially Nigeria. How do you plan to further expand your IWPG activities when you are working outside of Asia?
Mr. Nazeeb Sulayman Ibraheem, FRCN Radio Nigeria

IPYG collected about 100,000 letters supporting the peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula. First, how did you motivate young people to participate in the project? Second, how did the government respond to the peaceful activities of the young people? Third, I wonder what the government should do after hearing the voices of the young people.
Mr. Taehoon Kim, News Free zone
What can I do as a media personal to encourage people to be more actively involved in not only their communities and neighborhoods, but even in their own homes to ensure that peace is a reality in our future?
Ms. Audrey N. Kenner, CAN TV

Questions were addressed to HWPL, IWPG, IPYG and the participants (the press) themselves :) They wanted to know how the work of world peace has been carried out and what they can do for it. I think that the duty of the press for world peace is to spread and deliver peace news in their country. This way, it will urge people from all classes in that country to support the world peace campaign and DPCW of HWPL. I'm sure that the participants’ coverage will gather more people for the work of world peace. :)

I haven't written in the answers above because I want you yourselves to find out what the answers for each question are. Now, come with me :) Don't hesitate, the path to peace is upon you :)
Official HWPL website :
Official 918 WARP Summit website :


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