Tuesday, October 16, 2018

[Peace News] President Jae-In, Moon is confident of peaceful Korean peninsula

[Peace News]

[Peace News] President Jae-In, Moon  is confident of peaceful Korean peninsula

Good day, Family of Peace :D

Today I will write a short article for you :) This is not news about HWPL or chairman Man Hee Lee, but it is closely connected to HWPL's initiatives for world peace.

The current president of the Republic of Korea is Mr. Jae-In Moon. He is a very popular politician in Korea and most international press has praised him as 'The Master of Negotiation'. The biggest achievement in his political career is the key role he has played in creating a peaceful mood within the Korean peninsula. He has led the Inter-Korean Summit and cultural exchanges three times, and also carried out the 2018 North Korea-United States summit in Singapore in May. Now he is looking forward to the 2nd North Korea-United States summit that will be held soon.

I have brought some articles about and quotes of Mr. Jae-In Moon, who is currently touring Europe. The first country he visited was France. Let's see what comments he made about peace in the Korean peninsula :) These articles are Korean-only, but don't worry, just follow my lead :)

http://news.kbs.co.kr/news/view.do?ncd=4050856&ref=A, KBS, Korea

http://news.mt.co.kr/mtview.php?no=2018101405307635408, MoneyToday, Korea

http://www.edaily.co.kr/news/read?newsId=02020486619372920&mediaCodeNo=257&OutLnkChk=Y, E-Daily, Korea

In this article, Mr. Moon said :

"I'm sure that peace will come to the Korean peninsula. And I want to institutionalize the Inter-Korean summit as a regular meeting between North and South Korea."

He is very confident that the two Koreas can create peace and declare the cessation of war between them. He is also very optimistic about the denuclearization of North Korea. One of the purposes of his European tour is to ask for support and cooperation for peace in the Korean peninsula :)

http://www.domin.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=1215026#09gT, Jeonbukdomin Daily, Korea

In this article, Mr. Moon said :

"I want to make the NLL (The Northern Limit Line: one of the boundary lines dividing North and South Korea) extend to include a sea of peace."

The NLL has been a very controversial and hostile issue that even caused a few conflicts between the North and South Korean navies.  However, Mr. Moon added that he wants the sea around NLL to become a shared fishing zone between North and South Korea.

I hope this 'shared Korean fishing zone' really happens before reunification so that the interaction between Koreans can push a peaceful reunification more quickly :) I personally want to see Korean fishermen work together :)

HWPL and its chairman Man Hee Lee have been working for world peace and for the reunification of the Korean peninsula.

As a supporter of HWPL, I’m so glad to see that Korean leaders are cooperating for a united Korea and for the cessation of war.

I'm sure that if Korean leaders work with Mr. Man Hee Lee and HWPL, it will create better results for world peace and reunification of the Korean peninsula. What do you think? :) I don't think Mr. Jae-In Moon and Mr. Jung-Eun Kim would reject the DPCW at the UN. If world presidents and ministers really want world peace, it is a given that they must support HWPL's work and its DPCW to create a peaceful world without any conflict :)

Let's wish for more hopeful news of peace to come soon :)


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