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[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit: Messages from Eastern Europe to the Korean peninsula


[HWPL] 918 World Peace WARP Summit: Messages from Eastern Europe to the Korean peninsula

On the 16th and 20th of September - both before and after the 918 WARP Summit - HWPL and IPYG held special lectures under the topic 'The Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula'. The goal of HWPL and its DPCW is world peace and reunification of the Korea peninsula. Korea is officially a divided country with ongoing conflict so there won't be no country in the war (not internal conflicts) if Koreans finish their long lasting war since 1950.

Leaders who delivered the above topics included former presidents from Eastern European countries. Then, you might ask, 'What do Eastern European politicians have to do with peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula?'

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Clauses of the World War 2 slashed the most countries of the world. Eastern European countries including Croatia and Romania also couldn't evade the threat of war. The Holocaust, Nazis, massacres, dictators and political chaos followed after the war. Soon communism from the Soviet Union conquered eastern European countries until the day they secured freedom by transitioning to democracy.

Korea's national tragedy had also begun with World War 2 and a conflict of ideologies. Colonization, exploitation and massacre during the Japanese colonial era damaged the country. Then the peninsula was divided into two through the domination of stronger countries and it has remained as South and North Korea till the present day after the Korean war. Moreover, Koreans will had to face ideological problems so they need the experience of countries which have converted from communism to democracy in order to achieve peaceful reunification.

War and ideological conflicts is the common denominator among eastern European countries and the two Koreas. Now, you are on the same page as I :)

Now back to the 16th and 20th :) The lecturer of the 16th was...

H.E. Ivo Josipović, the Former President of Croatia
Mr. Josipivić gave a lecture on the topic 'Path to Peace in the Korean Peninsula'. Mr. Josipivić, who is also a well-known musician in Croatia, emphasized the importance of cultural exchange between South and North Korea.

“I think music, especially traditional folk music that is derived from the same cultural roots, is a tool for sharing the same sentiments that are held by individuals from both sides of the border.....I believe that we can understand one another and accept each other’s differences through cultural exchanges, such as music and sports.”

He also spoke about the role of political leaders for world peace and the significance of an enactment of a legal-binding international law:

“Presenting the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) to the United Nations as a resolution, with our intention to build peace in the world, is novel and important.”

Yes, I agree on what you said Mr. Josipović :)

At the next event, on the 20th of September, the lecturer was ...

H.E. Emil Constantinescu, the former president of Romania

Mr. Constantinescu shared his experience under communist rule and urged for the solidarity of people for freedom and democracy.

“I lived under a communist dictatorship that deprived the country and its citizens of freedom for 50 years. People were not allowed to move about freely and the political police monitored their private affairs, invading the privacy of all citizens........The atrocities of the two wars in the first half of the 21st century proved to be insufficient for leaders to understand that peace cannot be strengthened only by managing frozen conflicts,”

“The incredible lack of fear and the solidarity of people forced the dictator to flee and freedom was gained.....The answer regarding the future of freedom and democracy is the choice of each generation and, in the end, of each of us.” 

He concluded his lecture with the importance of being conscious to world peace and peaceful reunification for every Korean.

“In order to achieve the peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula, leaders, politicians and even the youth must have the consciousness to achieve peace.”

As the final program of the event on the 20th, Mr. Man Hee Lee, who is the chairman of HWPL which created the DPCW, spoke the following words during his congratulatory message:

"The two leaders should hold hands in peace without having to feel the need to be noticed by any country in the world. We must achieve the peaceful reunification for the people of our country.”

"Now all people from all levels of society should become the messengers of peace to bring peace one step closer to us.”

My dear family of peace :) What more can I say? We need everyone to recover the damage caused by past history and to step forward to a bright future. It is not our future generation's duty - but ours - to finish now. World peace is the only way forward for a peaceful world.

Wherever the continent, all must be united as one for world peace :) 'Now' is the best time for it.


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