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[HWPL] Brief Biography of Man Hee Lee the chairman of HWPL. The path to peace.


[HWPL] Brief Biography of Man Hee Lee the chairman of HWPL. The path to peace.

Greetings! Family of Peace :)

I have been introducing the many activities of HWPL and the progress of the DPCW, but I realized that I haven't talked much with you about the chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee. I know that I mentioned his name and who he is in previous articles, but I want to do it again to remind you who we are working together with :)

Man Hee Lee, the chairman of HWPL, was born in the small rural town of Cheongdo, south-east Korea. He came from a poor farming family who had little to eat and live on because he also had many brothers and sisters.

Mt. Biseul in Cheongdo
The countryside of Korea

A market in Cheongdo

Cheongdo's town hall
He said :

"I was born into a poor family. I have experienced sorrow, pain, hunger, contempt, disdain, and glares. I have fought with people, been beaten by people, and worked my fingers to the bone."

He went through many hardships as a kid which were so harsh for his age. Moreover, at the end of his teenage years, the Korean War (the most tragic in Korean history) had broken out and he joined the war as a staff sergeant in the front line.

"I also fought in the frontlines of war, the Korean War, as a combat soldier. It was a tragic, fratricidal war."

"I saw my comrades dying in pain countless times. I was stuck in a situation where I could not advance forward or retreat. I was so hungry that I even ate dirt and gunpowder. I struggled to survive. The sounds of guns, cannons, jets, and bombs did not stop for one second. The heavens, the earth, and my heart trembled, and the sky was filled with smoke. When will the soldiers change out of their bloodstained military uniforms? Killing with guns and dying from starvation—this was the tragedy of a fratricidal war. However, Korea is still a divided country and faces potential threats today. I, who have experienced these difficulties but came out alive, was guided by the heavens to make a pledge in blood and begin a life of faith. Even as I carried out my life of faith, I experienced many difficulties. Were these moral lessons? Were they moments of refinement?"

The young Man Hee Lee has experienced a time without peace but only killings, hunger, sorrow, death, destruction, despair and every physical and mental scar that war can bring people. His experience as a soldier in the Korean War became one of the most strongest motivations for Mr. Man Hee Lee in establishing HWPL and creating the DPCW.

Later, in his 80s, he founded the world's largest volunteer organization (later becoming HWPL) with his colleagues and friends then hosted many peace events and traveled the world to meet global dignitaries including politicians, legal experts, professors of various fields, leaders of many ethnic groups and of women's and youth organizations to urge them to work for world peace together.

As a result of his hard work, the peace N.G.O HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light)  was established in Korea and registered under the Korean government and the UN. Shortly after the foundation of HWPL he continued his path for world peace. In 2013, he proclaimed the Declaration of World Peace.
In 2014, he hosted the 918 World Peace WARP Summit with all the people he had invited from all over the world and...

918 World Peace WARP Summit

"....and we then hosted the 6th World Peace Festival: Culture and Sports Celebration of Restoring Light, which was the greatest Olympiad ever to be hosted in the world.   The politics and laws of East and West Germany failed to unify their nation, but the candlelight protests of the religious people became the stepping stone for unification and achieving peace. The island of Mindanao in Philippines lost about 120,000 lives from the 40-year religious conflict, and the conflict between the government forces and the rebel forces could not be resolved.

However, God sent me to settle this problem, which neither the government laws nor the armed forces were able to resolve. The war came to an end and peace arrived in the island of Mindanao.  Moreover, the rebel forces who heard the word of God through me turned over their weapons to the government that day."

HWPL's chairman, Mr. Man Hee Lee brought out the peace agreement between Catholicism and Islam who had fought each other for more than 40 years. It showed that HWPL and Mr. Man Hee Lee have the power to resolve civil and religious conflicts (that even the U.N. couldn't stop) in a peaceful way.

His peaceful steps steadily continued and he gathered numerous people for world peace. Legal experts and professionals joined HWPL to create a new international law - DPCW (the Declaration of Peace and the Cessation of War) - for implementation via the U.N. Furthermore, world politicians also participated with HWPL to introduce the DPCW to the U.N. and to urge world dignitaries to work together for world peace.

In 2018, once again, the 525 peace walk campaign and 918 World Peace WARP Summit was hosted in Korea and throughout the world.

People from various classes of the world who joined HWPL

DPCW - the new international law that must be enacted in the U.N.

His peace work doesn't end here. According to some statistics, 80% of wars are caused by religious conflict. So HWPL also runs the Alliance of Religions Office (also called the WARP Office) to offer opportunities for every religion to talk and to discuss what the truth of God is. This initiative demonstrates religions' peaceful way of resolving religious conflict.

Jewish, Sikh and Muslim leaders at the WARP office session

Mr. Man Hee Lee also cooperates with educational experts and professionals. He thinks we need to teach youth about world peace and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Together with colleagues of peace, HWPL has introduced peace education and published textbooks. Many elementary, middle and high schools and universities throughout the world have already adopted HWPL's peace education to teach their students the value of world peace.

"I received many rewards from around the world—certificates of awards, plaques, and medals. However, these are not the true rewards. The true reward is the establishment of world peace. This is an eternal reward.
 The cessation of war and establishment of peace on this earth is truly the will of God.  God has worked for this purpose.
The political leaders, justices, religious leaders, heads of organizations, and the press around the world believe in me, the peace advocate, and are working together in this movement of peace.
 The road I walk on is small and narrow."

As he said in his quotes, he is a Christian and the chairman of a Christian group too. He always says 'World peace is God's work. God helps me to do his work, which is world peace'.

Myself don't believe in any religion but I believe world peace is the only choice for mankind; the only way for future generations and for the world.

I have been watching his peace work since 2015 and he really has been working - not for his profit - but for mankind and the world. There are some people who slander him and his work because of their ignorance and narrow minds that distort their perception of Mr. Man Hee Lee and HWPL's peace work. They label Mr. Man Hee Lee and HWPL a cult that tries to deceive people for  profit, but I would like to ask them, "What kind of cult would do the work of world peace and devote themselves for this peace work like a martyr without rest?" If slanderers were to see how Mr. Man Hee Lee and his colleagues have been working for world peace, they would surely be quiet.

Mr. Man Hee Lee is a true religious man who works for the world and the future.

I wish for every person, including those who slander Man Hee Lee and HWPL, to join this wonderful, fantastic work of world peace. It does not belong to any single individual, but to us all :) Let's save ourselves and our children from war. Let's save our future together :)


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