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[IPYG] North and South, Let's Be "Us" Again! IPYG's Event for Reunification


[IPYG] North and South, Let's Be "Us" Again! IPYG's Event for Reunification

On 9th February in Seoul, Korea, IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) hosted an event entitled "North and South, Let's Be "Us" Again!" to launch its civil and youth campaign for the peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula. Today is the 1st day of the campaign and it will be carried out until the 23rd March.

That day, many VIPs participated by giving speeches and discussing the reunification issue. They were:

Mr. Man Hee Lee, the chairman of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light).
He has been carrying out the main initiatives of HWPL for world peace and also achieved a peace agreement in Mindanao Island between Islam and Catholicism
Prof. Hokwon Jang, Korean History expert

Dr. Chanil Ahn, North Korea expert. The Head of World North Korea Research Center. The chairman of World North Korean Assembly. 

Mr. Geunho Lee. The director of KBB Buddhist Broadcast Center

Reporter Suntaek Wang, Reunification and diplomacy correspondent from YTN (One of Korea's major press)

Invited speakers delivered speeches about :

1) How should we think about reunification? What understanding do we need to have?

2) How can we achieve peace among religions and ideologies?

3) The rapidly changing mood in North Korea and the Korean peninsula

4) The significance of reunification of Korea and its influence on world peace

Additionally, IPYG declared that the reunification campaign's main initiatives will be :

1) Language Exchange between North and South - Understanding languages and culture between North and South

2) North and South Historical Trip - Trip to historical spots in Korea to learn about the value of reunification

3) Reunification Concert - Concert with the theme of reunification

4) Reunification Discussion - Discuss and answer questions from Korean youth about reunification

So, will you celebrate with IPYG for reunification of the Korean peninsula and world peace? :)

I brought a video of the event to you here but it is only provided in Korean. However, if you want to feel the fever for reunification and world peace, please watch the video :)

North and South, Let's Be "Us" Again (Kor)


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  1. “If I am to say the purpose of the foundation of HWPL, I would say it was founded for the youth of the world. I constantly think of the scenes during the war that took place a long time ago and I thought and still question are we really going to hand down this world that is oppressed and full of injustice to our future generations? No. We must create the world where there is no more tears and sighs. Who can do that job? It’s you, the youth who have the power and knowledge to protect yourselves by joining IPYG’s peace activities. I believe that all youth can become one together for peace. We are one!”
    Chairman Lee