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[IPYG] IPYG and Rangi Whakaaio to empower Maori youth to tackle problems!


[IPYG] IPYG and Rangi Whakaaio to empower Maori youth to tackle problems!

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Māori Television (Māori Broadcast Center in New Zealand) reported that IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) and Rangi Whakaaio (Māori Youth Group) co-hosted a free public workshop on 19th January in Auckland about the influence of media and journalism on the mental health of the youth.

Mr. Kiwi-Scally, Rangi Whakaaio spokeperson, said that Maori youth have mental health issues - including suicide - which must be fixed. Together with IPYG, he wants to inform Māori youth that media and journalism can have a significant impact on their mental health, and also wants to change the way they are used.

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"This workshop will be a chance to bring rangatahi ('younger generation' in Maori) and journalists together to learn from each other, and discuss the role of press and media in building peace." Mr.Kiwi-Scally said.

Youth group seeks to empower rangatahi to tackle serious issues / Maori Television / 18 January 2019 / New Zealand
IPYG and Rangi Whakaaio also talked about war, climate change and displacement which will be the focus of the Pacific Leaders' Summit for Peace in February 2019. The news added that IPYG is a group which supports and advocates for an international peace law.

The news introduced IPYG as 'currently working actively in 111 countries, including New Zealand, Australia and some of the Pacific Island nations, to unite and empower rangatahi of all cultures, religions, beliefs and backgrounds'.

Peace !

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  1. IPYG is doing a beautiful work of peace. 111 countries is a great achievement. This work must spread to all continents and countries.