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[HWPL] DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War), Best Answer for World Peace


DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War), Best Answer for World Peace

The DPCW is one of the main initiatives of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light) which is based on the Declaration of Peace and Restoration of Light in 2013.

What is HWPL? - Please click to read the article about HWPL :)

HWPL's peace law committee - comprised of prominent international law experts from 15 different countries - began discussions together to draft an international law. Then, in 2016, the DPCW was declared for the cessation of war and achievement of world peace. The DPCW consists of 10 articles and 38 clauses that can stop war - which often occurs for many different reasons - and spreads a culture of peace.

Then, now, you must be wondering what these 10 articles and 38 clauses are? Let me explain some of them to you in a few words.

Article 1- Prohibition of the threat or use of force
This first article means that any country, group or individual is prohibited from using violence or weapons as a means to threaten others, because it hurts and is frightening :(

Article 3 - Friendly relations and the prohibition of acts of aggression
This third article means that all nations and peoples should establish harmonious relationships and stop any threatening behavior that can lead to war. We are all good people, aren't we? Let's be friends of peace together :)

Article 9 - Religion, ethnic identity and peace
This ninth article means that regardless of one’s religion or race, we must live peacefully with respect for one another :) Then, there will be no terrorism or war on account of religion or race. I don't think this is only a dream :)

There 7 more articles that can make world peace, but I won't explain them all. You can see the rest of the articles of the DPCW on the page below :) HWPL official English Homepage

As you can read above, the DPCW is the perfect resolution for the cessation of war and world peace. Nevertheless, it must be signed by all countries in order to be enacted by the UN. Then, who must sign and approve it within the UN? All the political leaders of each country, including presidents, ministers, kings and queens. To ACHIEVE this, everyone in each country should spread news of the DPCW and urge their national leaders to sign it.

To help with this, HWPL began this wonderful campaign in 2016 through its 'Legislate Peace Campaign'. Anyone who wants to support the DPCW and participate in making world peace can sign it to express their desire for the DPCW to be approved in the UN for the cause of world peace.

IPYG youth in the Philippines participated in a Peace Letter Campaign at the Quezon Museum.
- HWPL Official Homepage-

Colombian youths gathered and expressed their determination for peace by riding bicycles at Simon Bolivar Park. - HWPL Official Homepage-

IPYG youths in Myanmar held an event at Yangon University to write peace letters. Now is the time for the youth to come together and support the DPCW and other peace activities with a sense of sovereignty.
- HWPL Official Homepage-

South Korean youths organized a ceremony to launch the “One People Cider” Youth Program, which works to put an end to war and establish peace. -HWPL Official Homepage-

Do you want to participate in world peace? Do you want to become part of a glorious and dramatic history? Then what are you waiting for? Click the below link to learn more about 'Legislate Peace Campaign' and join in. World peace will become a reality when we - you and I - work as one. - Click!

The below music video is a present for you. I'm certain that 'Imagine' can come true in our generation. :D


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