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[HWPL] 'Declaration of Peace and Restoration of Light' was proclaimed at the 'World Peace Walk' on the 25th of May 2013


<Declaration of Peace and Restoration of Light> was proclaimed at the  'World Peace Walk' on the 25th of May 2013

On the 25th of May 2013, HWPL hosted the 'World Peace Walk' at the Peace Gate of the Olympic Park in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

30,000 youth in attendance, from over 130 countries, who joined the 'World Peace Walk 2013' expressed their wish for the peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula and world peace that will transcend ethnicity, race and religion.

On that day, HWPL's chairman Man Hee Lee proclaimed 'Declaration of Peace and Restoration of Light'. 'Declaration of Peace and Restoration of Light' contains messages encouraging all people to become peace advocates and establish world peace as one through the enactment of an international law and alliance of religions. It has now become the foundation of HWPL’s main initiatives.

‘Declaration of Peace and Restoration of Light’ also informs young people - the biggest victims of war - about protecting themselves, thereby gaining the understanding and support of youth throughout the world. Youth worldwide who support this declaration commemorate the 25th of May annually.

HWPL’s ‘World Peace Walk’ beginning in the Korean peninsula which has the longest ceasefire in world history, is now a global peace walk campaign. On 25th of May annually, every city across the world with HWPL offices established, simultaneously hosts the ‘World Peace Walk’.

On the 25th of May - the 5th anniversary of the declaration - it was held simultaneously in Seoul and in other major cities in Korea, as well as in 80 cities across 50 countries.

Full Text of <Declaration of World Peace and Restoration of Light>

The One and only Creator created the sky and the earth and gave these to mankind as a legacy. The global village, which is the legacy between the sky and the earth, has the most beautiful and only lifeform in the universe.

The sky loves, and gives life, to creatures through the light, rain and air. Life is grace, the honor of heaven and also peace to the earth. This is a proverb of life that the heavens have given.

Why does the global community, which has received this proverb of grace and life, have to fight, kill and destroy?

Not loving peace, a nation or country because of the greed of national interest, and killing innocent youths through waging war, is not leaving a peaceful and loving legacy for future generations.

Why do young people who are born in the same era and the same world have to die in war without an opportunity for their life to blossom? What can possibly compensate for one’s death? Can they be brought back to life again?

The delegation of Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light hereby proclaims:

Firstly, that every president of the world signs the international law - Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War - if they truly love their country, people and peace.

Secondly, that every young person joins the one and only International Peace Youth Group for the cessation of war and restoration of world peace and light to stop wars for the cause of world peace.

This work is the mission of those born into this generation, saving the lives of youth who would otherwise be killed, and accomplishing world peace. This is the biggest work and an eternal legacy that will shine the light of life.

Thirdly, that every member of the global community becomes a messenger of peace for world peace and restoration of light, and works together.

For this work, media throughout the global community who love peace have to report it frequently.

World Peace and Restoration of Light has begun with the proclamation of this declaration

On the 14th of March 2016, HWPL completed the international law - DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) that contains 10 articles and 38 clauses - on the basis of ‘Declaration of World Peace and Restoration of Light’. It is now in the process of being introduced to the UN for enactment.

Former and current presidents have been signing the DPCW for the support and proclamation of the national declaration, which also means continuous national support of the DPCW. If presidents love their country and people, former and current presidents both have to support the DPCW, which is considered as the only law that can end war. Then, the cessation of war and world peace will become a reality through the enactment of international law.

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