Thursday, June 20, 2019

[HWPL] No Religious Conflicts Please. Let's Have a Talk, Believers.


[HWPL] No Religious Conflicts Please. Let's Have a Talk, Believers.

On April 21st, 8 bomb terror incidents happened at Catholic and Protestant churches celebrating Easter service in Sri Lanka. No group has yet come forward as the perpetrator behind the terror attack. It is not easy to know who masterminded it because Sri Lanka has a tragic history of racial conflict that ended in 2009, as well as religious tension among Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus. However, those three religions are hostile to Christianity because Sri Lanka was once colonized by Portugal, Netherlands and the United Kingdom which have a Christian background. So now it is very uncertain who carried out this terror attack against churches.

스리랑카 폭발 사건 배후 추측 분분 민족갈등vs종교적 이유 / kukinews / Reporter Su-in Yoo / April 21st 2019 / South Korea

Given that there are so many religious conflicts, it is obvious that religious leaders need to talk to each other to resolve such conflicts and make world peace.

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) has been carrying out global initiatives for world peace since 2014. The WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Office meeting is one of them. It hosts open forums and discussions for religious leaders and the audience to discuss and talk so that different religions can understand each other and resolve their misconceptions.

Throughout the WARP Office meetings and interfaith dialogue, panels and participants search for a common goal and truth among religions which can eventually guide them to world peace and religious harmony. Now there are 250 offices in 128 countries today.

At the meeting, each panel receives three questions from the main topic plus one or two additional questions from the other panel or audience regarding the topic. There are some rules to prevent 'chaotic' discussion such as panels having to answer questions according to their scripture and must listen to the mediator from HWPL's WARP Office.

Currently, leaders of the Christiani, Buddhist, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Zoroastrian faiths - to name a few - have all participated in person at the WARP Office's global branches, and an Intercontinental Online WARP Office meeting has recently been set up via YouTube Live.

It is very appealing and fascinating that an audience can listen to what is written in each religious scripture in a good and polite setting without conflict or quarrelling. 

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  1. As religion accounts for the majority of today's conflicts, this work is so important. Absolutely essential. Will work until peace becomes a reality in my lifetime. Thank you, HWPL.

  2. Thank you HWPL we definitly need religions to be able to become one starting from these interfaith dialogues.

  3. 宗教で起こる戦争って本当に怖いですね

  4. 戦争の原因がだいたい宗教だって、、、驚きました。