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[HWPL] The 6th HWPL Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting - About the Beginning of Man


[HWPL] The 6th HWPL Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting - About the Beginning of Man

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Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) has been carrying out global initiatives for world peace such as the Legislate Peace campaign, May 25th Peace Walk and Peace Letter campaign, with the Declaration of Peace Cessation of War (DPCW), Peace Education and the Alliance of Religions as the basis.

HWPL's Intercontinental Online (and Offline) WARP Office meeting is a part of the Alliance of Religions. According to statistics, 80% of wars are caused by religious conflict. Mr. Man Hee Lee's idea is that all religions talk and discuss about each other's doctrines and beliefs, so that they can understand each other, resolve and prevent conflict. The ultimate goal is to help religious leaders find the best truth among all religions and scriptures so they can be one in religion and belief, which would mean the end of all religiously-motivated conflicts and wars.

HWPL's WARP (World Alliance of Religions' and Peace) Office meeting provides the perfect platform to achieve Chairman Man Hee Lee's objective, which has been hosted globally since 2014 and has assisted religious leaders and believers to talk and discuss to find the truth and to understand each other for world peace.

Now in 2019, there are 250 WARP Office branches in 128 countries with countless WARP Office meetings hosted. In the case of the Intercontinental Online WARP Meeting, this is the 6th one.

The topic of the 6th Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting was 'About the Beginning of Man' which was hosted on May 15th with panels from the Christian, Muslim, Zoroastrian, Sikh, Hindu and Buddhist faiths. It incorporated two sessions with one same question and two different questions posed for the panels.

Session 1 - Sikh, Zoroastrian, Christian and Muslim faiths

Questions for Session 1
1. Does your scripture have a record of the beginning of man? (When was he/she created and what's one's name?)

2. How does your scripture describe his/her appearance? (According to some scriptures, mankind is created according to the image of God)

3. Who was created first? Man or Woman?

Session 2 - Zoroastrian, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and Hindu faiths

Questions for Session 2
1. Does your scripture have a record of the beginnings of man? (When was he/she created and what's one's name?)

2. Is it written in your scripture about what God asked man after creating him/her?

3. Does your scripture have a record of a family tree and genealogy?

Religious leaders discussed and answered questions passionately and curiously towards other religions. It was also very interesting that they received questions from online participants in an interactive chatroom.

It was interesting to listen and learn about each religion and the similarities between doctrines about the creation and the beginnings of mankind. Some religions have their own unique doctrine about the origins of mankind and the world, which fascinated the participants.

If you missed the meeting, don't worry :) There is still a chance on YouTube (Above links). It doesn't matter if you have a religion or not. If you want to stop world conflicts and wars, and achieve world peace then this is the video you'll want to watch :)


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  1. This work of uniting faith leaders is arguably the most important work needed today in a world that is ravaged by major conflicts caused by religious disagreement. Thank you, HWPL.

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  3. HWPL doesn't seem to be troubled when it's doing amazing job such as uniting different religions. Like it's nothing! I'm impressed.

  4. こんなにいろんな宗教が一つの場に集まるのが不思議です

  5. 会うことでないと思った色んな宗教の人たちが皆集まっているのが本当平和が目の前にあると考えますね。