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[HWPL] The Last Peace Office Meeting of 2018! -Basic Knowledge of Religions and Rituals-


[HWPL] The Last Peace Office Meeting of 2018! -Basic Knowledge of Religions and Rituals-

On 28th Dec 2018, Daejun-Choongchung branch of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) hosted a Peace Office Meeting for Comparative Scriptural Discussion helping religions understand each other for the achievement of world peace.

HWPL Daejun-Choongchung branch invited leaders of Buddhist, Muslim and Christian faiths to compare and understand the doctrines of the other's religion :) The leaders of respective religion talked and discussed about 'Basic knowledge of a religion. Who created it? When and who recorded the book?' and 'Rituals and ceremonies of a religion. Service, prayer etc.'. / Reporter Gunyong Lee / 1.1.2019 / Geumgang Daily

The head manager from the headquarters of the Yeoraejong of Korean Buddhism said "Buddha left home to deliver answers to the four phases of life and peace, and to prevent war. Buddha didn't deny God, but he didn't believe in him either. Only the truth can be believed."

Imam of Islam said "Islam had begun from the prophet Muhammad and we worship God according to the will of God and the Quran. Nothing is recorded in the Quran justifying wars and killings in the name of God. Extremists and terrorists who murder and cause conflict are neither Muslims nor believers." He added "If you want to know about Islam, please read the Quran not the press."

Pastor Won, the member of the Bible study committee of HWPL, emphasized "To remove enmity from Christianity, we have to have dialogue after perceiving the knowledge of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Shincheonji church of Jesus has been testifying the fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible to show that the Bible is a reliable scripture." / Reporter Gunyong Lee / 1.1.2019 / Geumgang Daily

A member of IPYG (International Peace Youth Group, under HWPL) said "It is time to understand Buddhism and Islam. It is very significant that different religions can come together at an event like this. I am very touched that HWPL is working for the harmony of religions beyond religious ideology and without monetary support from the government."

Writer's comment : The Peace Office of HWPL is doing very good job. We have to keep on carrying out more discussions and meetings in 2019.

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