Thursday, December 27, 2018

[IPYG] What is the meaning of IPYG's logo?


[IPYG] What is the meaning of IPYG's logo?

IPYG (International Peace Youth Group) is a youth organization working for world peace under HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light). It was founded in 2013 by Man Hee Lee who is HWPL's chairman. Since its establishment, IPYG has been leading major initiatives and accomplished many works for world peace with HWPL and other youth peace groups in the world.

Peace walk, 525 High-Five, Peace zone and Law for Peace are all ongoing initiatives that IPYG has founded (You can find out more information about IPYG in other articles in my blog).

Today, I want to talk about the meaning of the IPYG logo which I was wondering about :) Let's start with 'I'

I : Doesn't it look like a young and weak leaf that should be protected so it can blossom? :) Although it is a small leaf with thin branches, it becomes a strong tree with many branches, leaves, flowers and fruits on it, like a young person. Young people have tremendous potential but their lives are now in danger in war-zones around the world. Young people must be protected to ensure a better future of mankind.

P : Isn't it obvious? :) P for Peace! All young people want a world of peace without war!

Y : It looks like a person standing with much vigor in victory. It symbolizes the youth's proclamation of peace throughout the world. We (IPYG and its youth) won't give up spreading the message of world peace and living according to the peaceful message that we declare. Someday, world peace will certainly come so that every person can live in peace, harmony and freedom.

G : This is embracing the earth. G stands for the hearts of youth and their dreams for peace. The hearts of IPYG and its partner organizations are so great that it can contain the whole world within them, not focusing on self-interest or selfish gain but on the precious needs of the world and humanity (lives of all). IPYG will make peace come true.

I didn't know that the logo had this much deep meaning. It touches the bottom of my heart :) I really hope that IPYG will keep carrying out wonderful initiatives until the day world peace is established.


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