Wednesday, December 26, 2018

[HWPL] HWPL's WARP Office - Resolution for Religious Conflicts (Short Video)


[HWPL] WARP Office - Resolution for Religious Conflicts (Short Video)

[HWPL] About WARP Office from HWPL_NS_International Press Dept on Vimeo.

HWPL, IWPG and IPYG have been working hard to achieve world peace since their foundation in 2013.

HWPL has a few main initiatives; one of them is the WARP Office. WARP is an acronym for 'World Alliance of Religions and Peace'. According to statistics published by HWPL, 80% of conflicts are religious conflicts, and these have happened because religious leaders only insist on their opinion and blame others without knowing the doctrines of their religion. Without a proper understanding and tolerance of other religions, a resolution cannot be made, which means that peace between religions cannot be made.

Chiarman Man Hee Lee first invited all major world religious leaders in 2014 to the 918 WARP (World Alliance of Religions and Peace) Peace Festival, and they all agreed to give their unwavering support in joining the WARP Office hosted within each region and each continent - whether on-line or off-line - in order to achieve peace between religions and make peace in our world and cease wars.

Therefore, since then, WARP Offices have been hosted within each region throughout the world for the purpose of gathering religious leaders to discuss certain spiritual and religious topics among themselves. Any major religious leader can participate on a panel and anyone who wants to participate in the audience can do so, whether religious or otherwise. 

Through thorough discussion about certain religious topics, religious leaders can understand others' religions and seek to find real religion with the truth given by God and true religion :)

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL (Including IWPG and IPYG) has hosted numerous WARP Offices involving major world religions and countless Christian denominations throughout many branches in every region and city.

Now, many religious leaders have found the resolution with other religions and are working towards world peace, making the step forward to becoming great religious leaders.

How about you? :) Join and get involved in the work for world peace today :)

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Official WARP Office page (Click!)


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