Monday, February 27, 2017

[Trip] Top 5 Things to Do in Boracay


Top 5 Things to Do in Boracay

1. Hopping Tour
One of the most popular activities, Hopping Tours, is to take a picnic out to sea.
Take a boat and go to Crystal Cove Island, which is close by.
Crystal Cove Island is a privately-owned island.
Once upon a time an old man were bored and bought the island.
But now, It has become a sightseeing destination amongst so many people.
You can enter with the admission ticket.
It is a very nice place because it is made up of pretty spaces in the island.
After the island tour, there are coral reefs, where you can dock in a place with lots of fish and enjoy snorkeling.
Hopping tours usually include lunch, so you can try seafood

2. Sunset sailing (sailing boat)
The most famous thing in Boracay seems to be the sunset.
The red glow over the crystal clear waters of White Beach is so spectacular.
It's so wonderful to sit on a sailing boat in the net and watch the glow of the sun.
It is recommended to wear swimwear or comfortable clothes because you can get wet when you ride sailing boat.

3. Massage
Boracay is a popular vacation spot, where many people get massages.
It is easy to see people who are lying on the beach and get a massage.
you can easily see many massage shops when you pass through the streets.
It is good to relax your tired body by massage.
But,getting a Massage on the beach can be bad for your skin because of the cheap price and cheap oil, so be careful if you have sensitive skin.

4. D Mall Tour
There is a place for tourists to visit more than once in Boracay.
It is a D Mall (market) where you can buy souvenirs and travel goods.
There are also restaurants gathered there.
It's small enough to know all the roads if you go once, but there are a variety of shops and attractions in the evening.

5. Enjoy tropical fruits
The Climate of the Philippines is tropical. So Enjoy the Tropic Fruits.
When you find a traditional market in the alley next to D MAll, you can buy fresh fruit at a reasonable price.
Mango, watermelon, mangosteen and many more delicious ripe fruits are there!
If you ask housekeeper to cut in your accommodation, it is easy to eat.

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