Tuesday, February 28, 2017

[Peace] The 8 Main Reasons For War


The 8 Main Reasons For War

I read an article about
'The 8 main reasons for war'

The 8 main reasons are listed below.
1. Economic Gain
2. Territorial Gain
3. Religion
4. Nationalism
5. Revenge
6. Civil War
7. Revolutionary War
8. Defensive/Preemptive War
What is the main reason that makes war?
80 percent of the reason for disputes is Religion

Thus, the HWPL, a peace group, has created religious affiliations and is making it possible for religious leaders to speak peacefully.
The chairman of HWPL, Mr. Man Hee Lee said about the motivation of establishing The Alliance of Religions' Peace Office like this.
"At present, 80% of the world's wars are caused by religion.
Making conflicts and leaving one’s way is not the meaning given by heaven."

Religious leaders from each country, who are participating in the HWPL peace process are participate in The Alliance of Religions' Peace Office and they have become one by comparing their Scripture Without distinction of religion.

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