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[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (33): Land of War, Trauma and Pain Dances the ‘Dance of Peace’


[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (33): Land of War, Trauma and Pain Dances the ‘Dance of Peace’

On March 29, 2015, Chairman Lee shakes hands with the late Queen Mother Semane Molotlegi at a peace agreement ceremony held in Royal Bafokeng Nation, South Africa

Following the World Alliance of Religions' Peace (WARP) Summit on September 18, 2014, practical actions towards achieving peace began to be conducted in many parts of the world, as the participants of the WARP Summit returned to their respective home countries and opened WARP offices and held conferences. Emails from all over the world inviting Chairman Lee and the peace delegation of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) were daily flooding in. Therefore, following the 15th and 16th Peace Tours, Chairman Lee and the peace delegation embarked on yet another peace tour from March 26 to April 4, 2015. The destination of this 17th Peace Tour was ‘Africa’, a land that years for the restoration of peace.

Africa is the cradle of mankind and home to the world's most ancient and richest civilisations. Chairman Lee and the peace delegation have toured various parts of the continent suffering from unresolved racial discrimination, human rights violations, wars and conflicts, to deliver messages of peace and hope. Chairman Lee and the people he has met along the way have made a promise to work together for peace.

On March 27, 2015, after a one-day flight, cheers of peace resounded throughout the arrivals hall to welcome Chairman Lee and the peace delegation to South Africa. The peace messenger came to visit South Africa again after two years. The first person waiting for Chairman Lee was the South African Minister of Home Affairs and the Secretary General of the National Religious Commission.

On March 27, 2015, Chairman Lee held a peace discussion with the Secretary General of the National Interfaith Council of South Africa (NISCA) Rev. T Mvambo, and others

Chairman Lee said in an interview with Rev. T. Mvambo, Secretary General of the National Interfaith Council of South Africa (NISCA), “Many countries are establishing WARP offices, building a relationship with the branches of IWPG (International Women's Peace Group) and with all those involved in the peace movement.” They even wrote down Chairman Lee's message, promising to work closely together for peace in the future.

An official press conference was then held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Johannesburg. Chairman Lee said, “All judges are working for the establishment of an international law for the cessation of war, and religious organizations are establishing WARP offices to unite religions.” Chairman Lee appealed for their collaboration for the cause of peace. His message filled the conference room and was met with applause and cheers.

Chairman Lee delivers a message at an official press conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa on March 27, 2015

One place welcomed the visit of Chairman Lee and the peace delegation with open arms more than any other: Royal Bafokeng Nation. After the press conference, Chairman Lee and the peace delegation left for Royal Bafokeng under special police escort. Royal Bafokeng is located two hours from Johannesburg, and African royalty had been engaged in various activities under the motto of “Peace be with you.”

The late Bafokeng Queen Mother Dr. Semane Molotlegi had a particularly endearing relationship with Chairman Lee. After participating in the WARP Summit, she sought peace activities that she could join in as a peace messenger like Chairman Lee. Queen Molotlegi, who shared a similar heart for peace, visited Chairman Lee directly upon hearing of the arrival of his peace delegation. In a meeting with Chairman Lee, she said, “I understood Chairman Lee’s hard work and values through the law of nature, that only when a caterpillar endures a period of pain and patience does it then become a butterfly.”

On the 28th, at the Civic Center of Royal Bafokeng Nation, a peace festival was held upon the inspiration of the WARP Summit. Children and women holding national flags welcomed the peace delegation, and figures from various fields, including Bafokeng dignitaries, religious leaders, traditional leaders, incumbent political leaders, and citizens gathered at the site of the unprecedented peace festival and together wished for peace.

A special performance is being held at the Peace Festival held in Royal Bafokeng Nation, South Africa, on March 29, 2015

Chairman Lee, who took the podium at the event, said, "I've come here without worry because God has given me the answer to ending wars and establishing peace. The answer to achieving peace is, firstly, God the Creator."

On March 28, 2015, attendees smile brightly while taking commemorative photos during the Peace Festival held in Royal Bafokeng Nation, South Africa

At this festival of peace, which began with the Peace Walk, the late Queen Molotlegi and Chairman Lee signed a 'peace agreement', designated May 25 as 'HWPL Day' and pledged to hold a commemorative event for peace. In addition, the unveiling ceremony of the Peace Monument commemorating HWPL's achievements for peace was held. Royal Bafokeng Nation presented Chairman Lee with a certificate of appreciation in recognition of his dedication to world peace, having overcome the barriers of race, nationality, creed, and culture.

King Leruo Molotlegi, who was in office as the 36th king of the Royal Bafokeng Nation, personally travelled by air to meet Chairman Lee. He said, “The achievements that HWPL have made so far are the most groundbreaking by any peace organization I know. I hope that peace spreads widely in this country as well.” The king and queen of the kingdom of Bafokeng presented books and traditional clothes to Chairman Lee.

On March 29, 2015, HWPL Chairman Man-hee Lee, King Leruo Molotlegi and the late Queen Semane Molotlegi of Royal Bafokeng Nation are taking a commemorative photo

The religious leaders of Royal Bafokeng Nation also heard the news of the visit of the Peace Messenger. Chairman Lee awakened the sense of pastoral duty through a meeting with 8 pastors from Royal Bafokeng Nation. He said emphatically, "Even though you may possess the best religious texts, if you don't understand what's in them, you're no different to a non-believer or someone of any other religion." The pastors later expressed that Chairman Lee's visit was among their most joyful days in Royal Bafokeng Nation.

On March 28, 2015, a peace performance is being held during the unveiling ceremony of the Peace Monument at Lebone II - College of the Royal Bafokeng, South Africa

Religious people in Royal Bafokeng Nation wondered about the driving force behind Chairman Lee's work of peace. To them, Chairman Lee testified with conviction the prophecy and fulfillment of peace in the Bible.

“I stand before you as a messenger of the prophecies about Jesus. Among the prophecies, Isaiah 52:7 promises that there will be someone who comes to establish a world of peace which God rules over. This was Jesus, who was born as the messenger of peace in Luke 2:14. Hasn't God always prophesied in advance and then fulfilled that prophecy? He has never fulfilled anything without first promising it. When prophecy is fulfilled, there is no longer any need to speak in parables because the realities of the promise that was recorded in parables appear. The people sent by God must be able to clearly testify to the entities that have been fulfilled according to the promise.”

The religious people of Royal Bafokeng Nation were particularly moved by his words and they pledged with one voice to become messengers of peace together with Chairman Lee.

Pastor Steve Katani of Bafokeng Christian Church said, “We want to follow in the footsteps of Chairman Lee. I believe that Chairman Lee will help us as we spread peace.”


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