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[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (23): People Who Join ‘HWPL Peace Family’, Transcending Border, Creed and Class


[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (23): People Who Join ‘HWPL Peace Family’, Transcending Border, Creed and Class

On June 3, 2014, Chairman Man-hee Lee visited Alma Mater University of Sibiu in Romania and delivered a lecture on peace to Chancellor Nicolae Georgescu, university staff and students
“Peace does not belong to any one individual. All members of the global village must become messengers of peace and participate in this work of peace.”

Chairman Lee, who visited Romania on June 4, met Sibiu County Prefect Ovidiu-Ioan Sitterli, informed him about the work of peace, and asked him to collaborate on the work of peace.

Sibiu is a city located in the center of Romania, and is an administrative and commercial center. Sibiu County Prefect Sitterli is known to have been instrumental in the creation of the community in Sibiu and conducted various campaigns as a young governor. He was very pleased to meet with Chairman Lee because he has a sincere interest in peace.

Chairman Lee said to him, “I want to do the work of peace because I have a clear answer to achieving peace. When I spoke about peace, they all promised to cooperate as one.” He then emphasized, “This work of peace does not belong to any one individual; it is right that we do it together because it is work that belongs to every member of the global village.”

Regarding this, Sibiu County Prefect Sitterli responded by saying, “As Chairman Lee has said, peace is the common duty of all humanity and is something I hope all countries will come together and cooperate to achieve.”

Chairman Lee's peace tour continued to Turkey. In Turkey, where 99% of the population is Muslim, the head of the Department of Islamic Law of the Istanbul University Faculty of Theology and chairman of Süleymaniye Foundation, Abdülaziz Bayindir, welcomed Chairman Lee, who visited the Süleymaniye Foundation on June 9. Dr. Bayindir held a meeting with the peace envoy, signed a peace agreement, and promised to cooperate with Chairman Lee on his peace movement.

On June 9, 2014, Abdülaziz Bayindir,  the head of the Department of Islamic Law of the Istanbul University Faculty of Theology and chairman of Süleymaniye Foundation, meets with Chairman Man-hee Lee, who visited Süleymaniye Foundation, signed a peace agreement, and took a commemorative photo
Chairman Lee also met the Turkish War Veterans Association (Istanbul Branch). Turkey had dispatched the second highest number of soldiers after the US during the Korean War and suffered the most casualties. In Turkey, Turkish war veterans greeted Chairman Lee with a warm welcome.

Chairman Lee said, “(With reference to Korea today) Thank you. During the Korean War, many people came and worked hard, sacrificing much and helping. I hope that, for the remainder of your lives, all of you will also run for the hope of peace.”

In response, Ahmet Kendigel, Turkey War Veterans Association Istanbul Branch President, said, “Of course, we take Chairman Lee’s entire request on board.”

More than anyone, the veterans of the Korean War in Istanbul, who desire a world of peace, actively supported Chairman Lee's movement and signed the peace agreement. Then, the Turkish War Veterans Association (Istanbul) presented a plaque of appreciation to Chairman Lee for his contribution to peace.

On June 9, 2014, Chairman Man-hee Lee meets with Korean War veterans in Istanbul, Turkey and shakes hands with Ahmet Kendigel, Turkey War Veterans Association Istanbul Branch President

On June 3, 2014, Chairman Lee visited Alma Mater University of Sibiu, Romania, and shook hands with Chancellor Nicolae Georgescu as he entered the university. Then, he showed students an HWPL video introducing the ground-breaking answer to peace, and gave a lecture to help instil the desire for peace.

Chairman Lee said, “I am also someone who has lived through wars and experienced many things. When war breaks out, young people go to the forefront and fight. Who will compensate for the life of that young person, who is born into this world only to have their life cut short and sacrificed because of war? That is why young people must look after one another. Young people should all unite with International Peace Youth Group to achieve peace. This is the solution to ending wars and achieving peace on the earth.” The students responded to the lecture with a spirited round of applause.

Students and staff members of Alma Mater University of Sibiu listen to Chairman Man-hee Lee give a peace lecture on June 3, 2014

Chancellor Nicolae Georgescu conferred an honorary degree from Alma Mater University on Chairman Lee in recognition of his contribution to world peace. “Today (June 3), I, on behalf of Alma Mater University, together with the Vice President of UNESCO, confer an honorary degree on the Chairman,” he said.

He also signed a peace agreement with Chairman Lee and promised to become a part of the HWPL Peace family. Students also joined IPYG and gathered their hearts for the realisation of peace.

Following completion of the day's events, Chancellor Georgescu said, “It is an honor to have such a distinguished guest attend our university. It is a sincere honor to have met you.”

Chancellor Nicolae Georgescu of Alma Mater University signs a peace agreement with Chairman Man-hee Lee and becomes a member of the HWPL Peace Family on June 3, 2014

The 11th peace tour also received enthusiastic media coverage. On June 3, 2014, when Chairman Lee arrived at Sibiu International Airport, Romania, the local broadcaster 'Observator News' reported on Chairman Lee's arrival from the airport, "A plane carrying the messenger of peace has arrived at the airport. He is being welcomed and joined by a host of reporters, who are recording this historic moment.”

On June 4, at Hotel Imparatul Romanilor, an interview was held with Romania's public television broadcaster TVR 1. The next day, on the 5th, a live interview was held at the Christian Broadcasting Station RVE București.

During the interview with TVR 1 and RVE, Chairman Lee said, “I have received many letters of appreciation from university deans and mayors from every country. However, it is not the awards I receive that give me greatest joy, but that this world finds peace. We must love peace and love each other.” Moved by Chairman Lee's heart of conviction for world peace, the station staff volunteered to become HWPL members on the spot, filling out the membership application form.

On June 6, Chairman Lee and the Peace Delegation, who were visiting Germany, conducted an interview with RADIO TV Kimpwanza, a broadcasting company catered to French speakers in Africa, at Sofitel Hotel.

In response to the question 'How can peace be achieved?', Chairman Lee said, "Students and young people who want peace, and women and mothers of the global village, must unite and put an end to wars on the earth. Let us all become messengers of peace.”

Chairman Man-hee Lee pins a chest badge on various individuals in commemoration of them becoming a member of the HWPL Peace Family


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  1. This is truly beautiful work. I sincerely hope that the DPCW will be enacted as international law by the United Nations as soon as possible in 2023. Kudos to Chairman Lee of HWPL and all HWPL supporters. In the words of Viktor Yushchenko, former President of Ukraine, “The DPCW is a perfect and balanced document that can be the basis of solidarity for peacekeeping in all countries of the world. I think all the leaders of the countries should support the DPCW."