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[HWPL] HWPL Peace Tours of Man-hee Lee (8): ‘Light of the East’ shines on the last remaining, unknown land of ‘Papua New Guinea’


[HWPL] HWPL Peace Tours of Man-hee Lee (8): ‘Light of the East’ shines on the last remaining, unknown land of ‘Papua New Guinea’

Groups of people from various tribes gather in Ialibu-Pangia, the hometown of Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, to listen to the peace lecture delivered by Man-hee Lee on March 7, 2013

Chairman Lee is delivering a peace lecture to tribespeople in Ialibu-Pangia, the hometown of the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O'Neill, on March 7, 2013

“I was really surprised by the warm hospitality of the government and people of Papua New Guinea.”

The peace tour of Man-hee Lee, Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), and his peace delegation to Papua New Guinea was met with government support.

Chairman Man-hee Lee and Deputy Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Leo Dion shake hands, long after the World Peace Summit, on March 5, 2013

Papua New Guinea is a predominantly Christian country with more than 90% of the population ascribing to Christianity or Catholicism. The visit was arranged by the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Peter O'Neill, who sent Chairman Lee a direct invitation.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was moved after watching the September 2012 ‘WARP Summit’ video and sent an invitation to Chairman Lee and his peace delegation. Two weeks before their arrival, local media outlets, including Papua New Guinea's state broadcaster EMTV, actively reported the upcoming meeting between Chairman Lee and Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

Pastor Simon Samuel, head of the Papua New Guinea Council of Churches (PNGCC), is listening to the spiritual teachings of Chairman Lee and asks to teach him the Bible on March 8, 2013

On March 3, 2013, Chairman Lee and his delegation boarded a passenger flight from Incheon International Airport and arrived in the capital of Papua New Guinea, Port Moresby, on the following day. Papua New Guinean government officials welcomed Chairman Lee and the HWPL peace delegation by guiding them to the Prime Minister's Suite, where only heads of state can enter, and treated them accordingly.

At the hotel, reporters from local media were already set up to cover Chairman Lee.

Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Peter O'Neill treated Chairman Lee as a state guest by sending his aide, Karl Yaro, to explain the details of Chairman Lee's schedule. Pastors from Papua New Guinea also had time to interact with Chairman Lee through a subsequent meeting.

Papua New Guinean tribespeople welcome Chairman Man-hee Lee with performances of traditional song and dance during the Sing-sing Festival in Ialibu on March 7, 2013

Among all the people Chairman Man-hee Lee met during the peace tour in Papua New Guinea, there were meetings with two individuals that stood out: Pastor Simon Samuel, head of the Papua New Guinea Council of Churches (PNGCC), who is the most senior faith leader in Papua New Guinea; and Leo Dion, acting deputy of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, who manages the country.

After a conversation with Chairman Lee, Pastor Simon Samuel confessed that he realized what he must do for the people of Papua New Guinea. After hearing the message of peace delivered by Chairman Lee at a meeting held with pastors on the 5th, he said that he wanted to receive more teaching in Korea.

Pastor Samuel said, “I have had many conversations with many pastors so far, but my hunger has not always been satisfied." He confessed, "I tried to go into politics in Papua New Guinea, but I realized that in order to achieve peace on this land, I needed the teachings of Chairman Lee."

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion also held a meeting about world peace with Chairman Lee and the HWPL peace delegation. Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion attended as Prime Minister O'Neill was absent due to health reasons. In Papua New Guinea, which is run by a parliamentary system, Prime Minister O'Neill is the head of the cabinet and takes charge of the country's household affairs.

About 5,000 people from the tribes of Papua New Guinea gather in Ialibu on March 7, 2013. Some tribes walked a full day to meet the chairman. Residents welcome the peace delegation

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion said, "You have made many achievements for Korea, and are now working for the world."

In response, Chairman Lee shared his direct experiences of the Korean War and emphasized the necessity of ending wars and bringing about sustainable peace. He also introduced the content of his talks with presidents, ministers, and people from the 1st to 3rd Peace Tours. He emphasized that international law should have clauses to ensure sustainable peace and the prohibition of war, and that world leaders must agree to it. He also said that youth and pastors around the world have been joining in this peace movement.

Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion elaborated on the meaning of Chairman Lee's words, “I am daily praying for world peace,” and “I support every activity to achieve world peace.”

The Deputy Prime Minister said, “Not only does he deliver wonderful words that move the heart, but he also seems to have deep faith." He promised that he would join in the vision of Chairman Lee and the peace movement with the youth in Papua New Guinea as a policy.

Residents at the festival held in Ialibu on March 7, 2013

The last schedule of the 4th peace tour was Ialibu-Pangia, which is the hometown of Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, who treated Chairman Lee and his delegation as state guests. He invited them to a festival in his hometown and provided helicopters to transport them.

The villagers flocked as the sirens sounded to announce the arrival of Chairman Lee, and all the residents of Panghiya came out to greet them. On that day, about 3,000 residents gathered in one place to meet Chairman Lee.

Pastor Poreacure from Pangia said to the residents, “Because of him (Chairman Man-hee Lee), light has shone in Pangia.” Local councillor of Pangia Paul O'Neill introduced Chairman Lee saying, "Prime Minister Peter O'Neill's special invited guest. People who are absolutely necessary for Pangia come here."

After meeting the residents of Pangia, Chairman Lee and his delegation attended the Ialibu Festival. About 5,000 Papua New Guinea tribespeople even walked a day from various parts of the region to meet Chairman Lee. They prepared a special welcome event for him. They showed their respect by giving him a traditional hat and headband that was only given to the king. Representatives of each tribe performed a traditional song and dance that had been prepared two weeks after hearing the news of Chairman Lee's visit. Pastor Kanukyaabu Yalibu, a local pastor, said “God sent him", speaking of Chairman Lee. 

A reporter covers the visit of Chairman Lee on March 5, 2013

Papua New Guinea's reporters who heard the news of Chairman Lee's visit showed great interest in his vision and message of world peace and restoration of light.

EMTV, the largest national broadcasting station in Papua New Guinea, reported the video of 'The 6th WARP Summit' to all citizens daily before Chairman Lee's tour. Reporters from major media outlets, including PNG Christian Broadcasting Network, NBC National Radio, and Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, requested an interview with Chairman Lee. They introduced Chairman Lee as a ‘world peace activist’ and treated his message of peace seriously. An interview was also conducted with Belinda Cora, PD of Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, which runs three broadcasting companies.


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