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[HWPL] HWPL Peace Tours of Man-hee Lee (5): European and American media report his “logical and surprising words”


[HWPL] HWPL Peace Tours of Man-hee Lee (5): European and American media report his “logical and surprising words”

Chairman Man-hee Lee conducts a live interview, originally scheduled for 10 minutes but, upon the request of viewers, was extended to 40 minutes, with Azteca América TV network in the United States on July 20, 2012

During the second Peace Tour, Chairman Man-hee Lee held an Open Bible seminar where he delivered a message on the world of peace promised by the Creator. In Europe and the United States, where Christians account for the majority of the population, Chairman Lee's Bible seminars were reported by prominent media, such as NBC. Local media consistently reported the “logical and surprising” words concerning the interpretation of the Bible delivered by Chairman Lee through the 5W1H method.

On July 4, 2012, Leipzig Fernsehen (TV) reported on the 2nd European Bible Seminar held at Domaine Ol Fosse d'Outh (later renamed Vayamundo Houffalize) in Houffalize, Belgium, as follows: “Chairman Man-hee Lee is on his way to Europe again. As with the Berlin seminar, the Belgian seminar was a great success. His teachings will bring comfort to many people in Europe.” In addition to Leipzig Fernsehen, other media also reported on the 2nd European seminar, including Funkhaus Saar (Radio) and East Belgian 'Magazine Tref Funkt' and 'Kurier Journal'.

On July 12, 2012, Chairman Man-hee Lee arrived in New York, the center of world politics and finance, to deliver his inaugural lecture in the Americas. He introduced himself on July 13th on a live broadcast of the program 'Good Morning Westchester', which belongs to the 70-year-old radio station WVOX. Following the live broadcast, and upon the request of the host, a 30-minute recording on the biblical end times was made and its content was transmitted on the morning of July 16th.

Chairman Lee appears on WVOX, a 70-year-old New York radio station, on July 12, 2012

Following the live broadcast and recording, the president of WVOX, who had a conversation with Chairman Lee, said, “I've been searching for the truth for a long time, and I met Chairman Lee at a very difficult time.” He showed special interest, saying, “I want to call him my father,” and made a special request: “Please also build a church in New York.”

About 300 believers participated in the first Americas Open Bible Seminar held at The Times Center in New York on July 14th. The Sing Tao Daily, which is a Chinese newspaper based in New York that covered the entire seminar, reported, “An event that has never occurred in history, that is, the gospel of Jesus' prophecy in the Book of Revelation recorded 2000 years ago, is now being fulfilled in Korea.”

On that day, the seminar attendees responded to the testimony of Chairman Lee with the words and expressions, “The precious gospel,” “Unheard-of Bible knowledge,” and “The greatest biblical truth in mankind.”

On that day, the Hispanic broadcaster Latino Soy also attended the seminar one hour before its commencement, listened to the entire four-hour lecture by Chairman Lee, and reported the guests' reactions to the new interpretation of the Bible delivered by Chairman Lee. In addition, the newspaper Metro New York, which is distributed throughout New York, and O Mensageiro, a Brazilian newspaper published in New York and New Jersey, reported the New York seminar.

The New Santa Ana newspaper (left) reported on the Bible Seminar delivered by Chairman Man-hee Lee at Crystal Cathedral (later renamed Christ Cathedral) in Orange County, California on July 21, 2012. The Washington Times Communities introduced the European and US Bible seminars and peace activities of Chairman Man-hee Lee through a report dated July 31, 2012 (top right). On July 23, 2012, Chairman Man-hee Lee's Bakersfield Pastors Seminar was covered and reported on by NBC News 17 (bottom right)

When Chairman Man-hee Lee appeared live on the morning program 'Entre Nos' of Azteca América TV, a Mexican broadcaster in the United States, on July 20, the originally scheduled 10-minute interview extended to 40 minutes upon viewers' request. A broadcasting official said, "This is the first time in broadcasting history that advertisements have been stopped and an extended broadcast has been performed." Announcer and host Patricia Arbulu said, “I am also a Christian. Unlike other pastors, Chairman Man-hee Lee's interpretation of the Bible was very logical, so I wanted to keep listening."

On July 17, 2012, Chairman Man-hee Lee and Tom McDevitt, chairman of the board of directors of the Washington Times, meet at The Washington Times headquarters. Mr. McDevitt expressed deep interest in Chairman Lee's US tour

The New Santa Ana newspaper, which provided on-site coverage of the seminar at Crystal Cathedral (later renamed Christ Cathedral) in Orange County, California on July 21, said, “Chairman Man-hee Lee looked amazingly young for the age of 82.” “Some people have called him a ‘False Shepherd’, but through his sermons, he proved who the real false shepherds are.” The newspaper also stated, “He testified the whole Book of Revelation from a new perspective, which is significantly different from the Revelation that we have heard so far. He explained the meaning of it step-by-step.”

A reporter from New Santa Ana newspaper and a reporter from Vacaville Magazine, who met on-site, said, “Chairman Man-hee Lee is sparking a new wave of change in the world of Christianity.”

The newspaper Anaheim Connected, which had been unable to conduct an interview at the Crystal Cathedral Open Bible Seminar due to the infux of reporters, visited Chairman Lee's lodgings early in the morning the day after the seminar and conducted an interview.

Reporters gather to interview Chairman Lee following the Open Bible Seminar at Crystal Cathedral (later renamed Christ Cathedral) in Orange County, California, USA on July 21, 2012

At the seminar for pastors held in Bakersfield on July 23, an interview was held between NBC, one of the largest broadcasters in the United States, and Chairman Man-hee Lee.

On that day, an NBC reporter asked Chairman Lee what a heresy was. Chairman Lee said, “At the first coming, Jesus was labelled a heretic and persecuted by the scribes and Pharisees who believed in God. However, it was the heretics who persecuted Jesus.” When he answered with the words, “The place that preaches the truth of the Bible is orthodoxy, and the place that does not is a heresy,” the attendees burst into applause. Bakersfield area NBC reported that same day.

During the Americas seminar, about 10 media outlets, including local NBC news channel, Garden Grove Channel 3, and Latino Soy TV, covered the seminar and conducted an interview with Chairman Man-hee Lee to report on it.

After the Bible Seminar at The Times Center on July 14, 2012, where the New York Times headquarters is located, a reporter from the Chinese newspaper Sing Tao Daily is conducting an interview with Chairman Lee

Meanwhile, following the completion of the third peace tour, The Washington Times Communities highlighted the Bible seminars in Europe and America, including the Crystal Cathedral seminar by Chairman Man-Hee Lee under the title “Pastor Man-Hee Lee: Is the Book of Revelation being fulfilled?” The Washington Times Communities introduced, “Pastor Man-hee Lee is the Chairman of Shincheonji Church and his name means ‘light’. The main point of his message is to inform Christians that we are actually living in the time of the fulfillment of the Book of Revelation, and that the kingdom of heaven is coming to this earth soon.”

In addition, the newspaper reported: “Pastor Lee is also a Korean veteran of the fierce Korean War, and is working very actively for the peaceful reunification of the two Koreas. In addition to conducting Bible seminars, he is also the founder of the inscriptions on the 'Declaration of Unification' peace monument, which was erected in the east and west of the forefront of Korea.”

On July 23, 2012, the local NBC news channel, the largest broadcaster in the United States, is conducting an interview with Chairman Man-hee Lee after covering the Bakersfield Pastors Seminar deilvered by Chairman Man-hee Lee


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