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[HWPL] HWPL Peace Tours of Man-hee Lee (10): 50+ media outlets report in the Philippines and Thailand, “Chairman Lee's message is the answer to world peace”


[HWPL] HWPL Peace Tours of Man-hee Lee (10): 50+ media outlets report in the Philippines and Thailand, “Chairman Lee's message is the answer to world peace”

Chairman Man-hee Lee is being interviewed live on Philippine state broadcaster PTV News on June 13, 2013 during the 5th Peace Tour

Chairman Man-hee Lee visited the Philippines and Thailand in Southeast Asia during the 5th peace tour from June 12-21, 2013. The 5th tour was the first since the proclamation of the 'Declaration of World Peace and Restoration of Light' and the 'International Peace Youth Group Peace Walk' held at the World Peace Gate in Olympic Park, Seoul, where 30,000 youth from 130 countries gathered.

About 50 media outlets, including Philippine and Thai state broadcasters, radio stations and newspapers, reported on the activities of Chairman Lee and the peace delegation, who appealed for participation in the 'Youth Peace Movement' and the 'Movement for the Cessation of War', and introduced their vision for world peace in detail.

In particular, Chairman Lee was inundated with questions about his motivation for launching a global peace movement and his activities. With serious intent, they asked questions of Chairman Lee's views on the reunification of South and North Korea.

Radio DJ Eji Frasis Uangren of DZUP (1602 AM) is conducting a live interview with Chairman Lee, during Chairman Lee's 5th peace tour, on June 12, 2013

Interviews with radio stations and TV reporters continued from the first day to the last in the Philippines. DZUP (1602 AM) Radio broadcast a live interview which, by exception, was extended by 30 minutes upon an on air request made by listeners.

Chairman Lee also appeared live on the Philippine state broadcaster PTV News, where he introduced the purpose and activities for world peace in detail. As a result, major media outlets in the Philippines daily reported, with intent, Chairman Lee's progress toward world peace.

In addition, on the radio broadcaster TV5, Chairman Lee was asked about his steps as a peace activist and his meetings with the presidents he had met. At a subsequent meeting with Filipino reporters, Chairman Lee received a barrage of questions.

A press conference is being held at The Manila Hotel in the Philippines on June 13, 2013, during the 5th peace tour of Chairman Man-hee Lee

A news reporter at the meeting said, “I am aware of the peace activities that have been done so far. Welcome to the Philippines.” He asked, “What kind of confidence do you have about the reunification of the Korean Peninsula?”

To this, Chairman Lee answered confidently, “It is not that North Korea does not want the peace that everyone desires. When our peace movement finishes travelling the globe and ends in North Korea, then the reunification of the Koreas will come true."

A reporter from a university newspaper asked, “How can peace in the Philippines be achieved?” Chairman Lee replied that if world peace is achieved, then the Philippines will naturally find peace. Chairman Lee explained that the issue of peace is not a problem for one country alone, but for the entire global village.

Chairman Man-hee Lee is conducting an interview with GNN during the 5th peace tour in the Philippines on June 13, 2013

About 30 major local media outlets, including radio and press, attended the press conference held on the 13th of June and poured out a barrage of questions, making the visit a hot topic.

In particular, GNN requested an exclusive interview with Chairman Lee. GNN reporters asked why he had launched the peace movement and how the Filipino people and the media could participate in Chairman Lee's peace activities.

First, Chairman Lee asked the representatives of Philippine youth groups to participate in the peace activities of International Peace Youth Group (IPYG). He continued, “I ask that the media frequently show and report videos containing the content of world peace and restoration of light to the public so that it can reach the hearts of all people and make a difference.”

Chairman Man-hee Lee is being interviewed by the Philippine Radyo Natin Network during his 5th peace tour on June 14, 2013

On the third day of the peace tour, Chairman Lee appeared on Radyo Natin Network, a Philippine radio station. Interviews were conducted on world peace and restoration of light, the role of youth groups, and the cessation of war. Following the interview, a request was received for an encore and additional interviews were conducted.

After the Philippines, interviews with local media were also held in Thailand. On June 18, 2013, Bro Witt, chief reporter of 'The Nation Newspaper', interviewed Chairman Lee, and said, "Until now, when I think of Korea, I usually think of K-pop and mobile phone companies, but this meeting has painted a different picture. I hope that the people of Thailand will know about this, too.”

After an interview with Thai state broadcaster MVTV, reporter Sorachat said, "Even though people come from different languages   and cultures, Chairman Lee's message will be the final answer to those seeking love and peace."

On June 19, 2013, during the 5th peace tour, MVTV, the state broadcaster of Thailand, visited the Shangri-La Hotel to report on Chairman Man-hee Lee

He said, “He is confident in his vision. If there is someone like Chairman Lee in our global village, which is rife with conflict including between South and North Korea, the goal of ‘world peace’ will be achieved.”

After recording the studio interview, Thai NBC news reporter Wizitrarundi said, “I am very impressed. It is amazing how an individual can show such a strong momentum not only for the peace of the country but also the peace of the world.”

In an interview with Korean media after returning from the tour, Chairman Lee said, "Filipino and Thai state broadcasters and daily news reporters mostly asked about world peace and restoration of light. I emphasized the role of government and youth. If you, the media, want peace, then you should join in, too.”

Chairman Man-hee Lee is being interviewed on Nation Broadcasting Corporation on June 20, 2013 while visiting Thailand during the 5th peace tour


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