Sunday, October 10, 2021

[HWPL] Chairman Man-Hee Lee's Speech at the 7th Anniversary of 918 Peace WARP Summit


[HWPL] Chairman Man-Hee Lee's Speech at the 7th Anniversary of 918 Peace WARP Summit

HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light; Chairman Man-Hee Lee) hosted the 7th Anniversary of the 918 WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Summit to celebrate the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) and peace initiatives that have been carried out with peace ambassadors and affiliates. Chairman Man-Hee Lee of HWPL delivered an impressive and moving speech for world peace at the event. I would like to share excerpts of his speech.

"Lest we change our goal people, let's not change. What did we say? We said, 'We are one"

"We will achieve our goal in God with the word 'Peace'. We will do this with one heart and one will."

"We made a promise in front of the people of the world and God at the 1st HWPL World Peace Summit. We promised that we would achieve world peace and cessation of war."

"We have to love each other like we do ourselves. We have to take care of this earth which our ancestors passed on. We have to make paradise on this earth as an eternal legacy."

"Everything that we have established and built will be ruined if there is no peace. Therefore, shouldn't we achieve world peace with one heart?"

"Let's never change. Doesn't HWPL want world peace and cessation of war? HWPL wants to achieve world peace at all costs."

Let's achieve world peace with HWPL and Chairman Man-Hee Lee!


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  1. HWPL’s peace work is unprecedented. I sincerely hope it will continue with great vigour, as it seems peace and stability is needed now more than ever in these uncertain times. More than 30,000 people from 157 countries attended the 7th Anniversary HWPL World Peace Summit online on Sept. 18th 2021, and more than 200 schools worldwide have been designated HWPL Peace Academies, educating today's youth on the importance of peace.

    Moreover, many heads of state - both existing and former - have publicly declared their support for HWPL's Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), citing it as the only solution to ceasing all conflict and achieving peace on a global scale. The words of H.E. Viktor Yushchenko, former President of Ukraine, sums up the importance of the DPCW very well: “The DPCW is a perfect and balanced document that can be the basis of solidarity for peacekeeping in all countries of the world. I think all the leaders of the countries should support the DPCW.”

    May the words, 'We are One!' ring true in 2021 and into 2022✌️