Thursday, October 14, 2021

[Food] Gopchangjeongol (Beef Tripe Casserole, 곱창전골)


[Food] Gopchangjeongol (Beef Tripe Casserole, 곱창전골)

Koreans have enjoyed eating beef for a long time and began eating more beef from the Chosun dynasty onwards (approx. 600 years ago) because the Chosun dynasty believed in Confucianism more than in Buddhism which prohibits the killing of any living thing. Therefore, the everyday people of the Chosun kingdom ate roast beef and beef soup as a special meal.

More than anyone, it was especially the soldiers in Korea who needed plenty of protein from meat, so they cooked casserole with beef and pork. They used their iron helmets that they wore for battle to cook with because of its deep and wide dimensions, and their wide and round visor. Soldiers roasted meat and vegetables on their visors and boiled beef-stock and soup to make beef casserole. At that time, beef was also expensive, as it is today, so they used ox intestines which was cheaper than the flesh. Koreans call this dish 'Gopchangjeongol (Beef Tripe Casserole, 곱창전골'.

Ox has five types of intestine and they are a fatty, but very chewy and savory, food with a unique texture and umami (savoriness). When ox intestines are boiled or roasted, it secretes much oil, and this oil adds a rich aroma and taste to the dish. Different from Japanese-style beef tripe casserole, Korean-style beef tripe casserole - 'Gopchangjeongol' - uses spicy red chili powder, spring onion, onion, red chili, mushroom and beef to give a deep and thick meaty taste with spicy seasoning, which Koreans love.

Ox intestine was a cheap ingredient a long time ago but it has become so popular these days. It's as expensive a part of beef as other parts of ox. However, it's still cheaper than beef :)

The winter season is upon us in Korea,and will arrive soon after autumn passes:) I will cook gobchangjeongol for the cold winter nights :)

Bon Appétit! 

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  1. I think Gopchangjeongol is a hearty and warming meal for a cold British winter's evening:)