Thursday, June 25, 2020

[Trip] Photo Trip - My Favorite Cafés in Sokcho


[Trip] Photo Trip - My Favorite Cafés in Sokcho

Today is a rainy and cloudy day so although it may seem gloomy, rain makes a cup of coffee taste better than ever. So I've been on short coffee trips to Sokcho, Gangwon province with a good friend. There are a few excellent cafés in Sokcho - among my favorites - so I want to introduce them to you today with photos :)

1. Coffee Belt (커피벨트)

It's a good café to visit for an aromatic cup of joy with its variety of coffee beans. They do cold brew (also known as 'dutch') and hand-drip coffee. They always use fresh coffee beans with an exotic aroma and flavor :)

2. Another Blue (어나더블루)

Its name is 'Another Blue' but the taste of the coffee is not 'blue' :) Another Blue is famous for einspanner (an Austrian coffee with thick sweet cream on top), accompanied by lemon zest and great cakes :)

3. Sunsarogil (선사로길)

This is my favorite café in Sokcho which serves an excellent cup of einspanner with sweet, thick cream and a fine bakery :) I recommend their selection of pound cake and scone :)

Bon Voyage!

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