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[HWPL] The Best Way to Religious Peace - WARP Office Meeting Interfaith Dialogue


[HWPL] The Best Way to Religious Peace - WARP Office Meeting Interfaith Dialogue

WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Office  Interfaith Dialogue is one of the main initiatives of the global peace group HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light; Chairman Man Hee Lee).

It was established in 2014 to find proper religious values for peace-building through dialogue of religious scriptures. HWPL invites prominent religious leaders to meetings to discuss religious topics for better mutual understanding and to share thoughts about achieving world peace.

Religion is used as the main cause of today's global conflicts and wars. Many religious leaders are critical of many people who interpret the scripture to suit their own thoughts and ideologies irrespective of the true meaning of their scripture and will of God. They warn that this is what leads to religious extremism that causes global terrorism, violence, conflicts and war.

Mr. Tharwat Gaid Salama Gaballa, Chairman of Horus Foundation for Development and Training in Egypt said :
"....religion does call for peace among peoples. The seed of peace is possible with this desire and with this longing to change the world.....The common objectives that all religious scriptures pursue are the realization of peace and justice, conflict resolution, human dignity, and valuing diversity."

Then what should religious and NGO leaders do together with HWPL and its WARP Office Interfaith Dialogue? NGOs have to carry out campaigns that remove and discourage extremism and religiously and racially-motivated discrimination. Scholars and religious leaders must spread true religious knowledge to lead people to world peace.

Swami Veetamohananda, Swami (religious Hindu leader) of Ramakrishna Veda center said :
"In order to find the truth all the humanity wants religious leaders need to put away the thoughts that only my religion is the best and do the comparative work based on Scripture without dividing themselves and saying 'your religion', 'my religion.'"

HWPL's WARP Office Meeting has been hosted in 220 locations across 130 countries. Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL said :
"The culture of the earth cannot be compared with that of heaven according to man’s yardstick of judgment. Religion is about learning the things of the spirit and the teachings of God. This is heavenly culture that can guide us to a world of peace. Through the WARP offices, religious leaders bring their scriptures to examine and find the most trustworthy evidence. Religions must unite under one true teaching and scripture. When we continue to carry out these comparisons, there will be no more wars triggered by religion."
Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL
Getting rid of prejudice, stubbornness, misconceptions, misinterpretations and pride through an understanding and discussion of true religious knowledge is the way to religious peace and world peace. For this purpose, HWPL's WARP Office Meeting develops and expands networks and channels of communication between global religious leaders.

Dr. Ahmed Jasem Hmood Al-Maliky, Sheikh of Office of the Religious Reference Sheikh Mohammad Al Yaqoobi in Iraq said :
"Starting by taking out the prejudice that I am right and you are wrong, let us communicate and interact with each other with these questions in mind: ‘Is what I know always right? Is the other religion always wrong? Or is there something in that religion that mine doesn't have?’ Let us find the best truth and achieve the ultimate value of peace"


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