Monday, February 3, 2020

[IPYG] The 2nd IPYG Peace Forum, Paris: "Yes We Can Change"


[IPYG] The 2nd IPYG Peace Forum, Paris: "Yes We Can Change"

IPYG (International Peace Youth Group; a wing of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) hosted their 2nd Peace Forum in Paris, France, under the title "Peace and Me" with many academic and non-governmental organizations working for world peace with IPYG. The event featured a dance performance, peace talk show with guests from a peace organization, discussion time, a networking dinner banquet and time for photos.

Etienne Lemaire, Sabrina Touati and Raphaelle Tanoh from the international youth group Plan des Jeunes, discussed their activity and plans for next year. Plan des jeunes is a group that works for the development of France's education system. It was followed by discussion on the role of education to achieve world peace with the participation of a few NGOs including Plan des Jeunes, Jeunes pour la Paix, Ambition Campus, We Value Education, Soa Association, Prométhée Education and Respect Zone.

Numerous teachers, students and activists from educational NGOs and schools participated in the event, expressing their interest for Peace Education and the importance of peace with a determination to achieve world peace in France.

IPYG's Peace And Me is a platform for youth organizations to share activities and network with each other. It is great that teachers, students and youth NGOs are continuing to work for Peace Education through IPYG's Peace And Me till the day world peace is achieved.


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