Friday, February 7, 2020

[IPYG] IPYG's the 1st Youth Empowerment Project in South Sudan for the 1st time


[IPYG] IPYG's the 1st Youth Empowerment Project in South Sudan for the 1st time

IPYG (International Peace Youth Group; Chairman Man Hee Lee) has been carrying out peace initiatives with HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light; Chairman Man Hee Lee) since its foundation in 2014. One of its main initiatives is Peace Education, which teaches about 'sustainable peace' to young children and students for future generations. Peace Education promotes a heart of understanding, tolerance and resolving conflict and wars in non-violent ways permanently.

On December 16th 2019, IPYG and Junub Open Space (JunubOS) co-hosted 'The 1st IPYG Youth Peace Empowerment Project' at Janub Open Space office in Juba, South Sudan with 34 participants consisting of teachers and students from Victory Secondary School.

According to IPYG, the IPYG Youth Peace Empowerment Project has 11 chapters that teaches students and young people about values such as harmony and co-existence through farming. Moreover, the project provides basic agricultural and historical knowledge to students who can't afford to go to school.

Through the lifecycle of maize, participants learned how to better treat and love each other, and make peace in their community. They also responded that if teachers can join in the project and provide it at school, it will make greater achievements and results.

IPYG hopes to carry out the project in five schools in South Sudan this year, and also hopes for the project to be adopted within educational materials throughout Africa.


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  1. Thank the heavens for the existence of HWPL, IPYG & IWPG. Reading this reminded me of words Chairman Lee spoke a while ago, which I would like to share here:-

    “I fought as a frontline combatant. Words cannot describe the horrors of war. Bullets poured down like rain. Sounds of fighter jets and bombs shook your heart. Only youths could have put up with that. After the war, half of the population was gone. In some villages, just a few survived. There were many students among the soldiers. Those young students died at the frontline. Some people blamed the government because young people went to war and those in authority did not. So many young people perished during the Korean War without getting the opportunity to blossom. How fair was that? We suffered much during the Japanese colonial period. Not long after we gained our independence, we declared war against each other. It could not be helped back then, no matter how much you cried”. HWPL Chairman Lee✌

    “The desire for unification is the same voice of peace. There should be no more wars in our globe. Rather than pointing at each other with guns, youth should be at the front leading the way to peace.” HWPL Chairman Lee✌