Monday, December 2, 2019

[IWPG] IWPG Jeonbuk branch Manager Awarded for '2019 Proud Korean Grand Prize'!


[IWPG] IWPG Jeonbuk branch Manager Awarded for '2019 Proud Korean Grand Prize'!

여미현 (사)세계여성평화그룹(IWPG) 전북지부장 자랑스러운 한국인 인물대상 수상 / Reporter Bahnghee Lee / Jeonbukdomin Daily / November 25th 2019 / South Korea

Mrs. Mihyeon Yeo of IWPG (International Women's Peace Group; Chairman Hyeonsuk Yoon) received the 2019 Proud Korean Grand Prize for her efforts in the Social Volunteer field. The 'Proud Korean Grand Prize' is awarded in recognition of people who have contributed yearly to their country and society through thorough commitment. This year marks its 6th anniversary.

Moreover, Mrs. Yeonok Joh (Chairperson of IWPG's Jeonbuk branch Peace Committee) was awarded the '2019 World Masterpiece Brand Grand Prize' on that day.

Mrs. Yeo said: "It's wonderful to receive such a precious award, even though there are so many people who serve better than I do. I think the host awarded it to me because they want me to work even harder. I, one person, received it, but this is the sweat and tears of all IWPG members. We, all members at IWPG, will work for world peace as the light and salt of the world."

Meanwhile, IWPG has been carrying out its "Legislate Peace" Project to support an international law for peace and is urging people to support it together, while also implementing peace initiatives for peace education to spread a culture of peace.


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  1. Beautiful achievement. The heart of IWPG for all mothers and women everywhere.