Friday, December 6, 2019

[HWPL] HWPL 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit in San Francisco


[HWPL] HWPL 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summitl in San Francisco

From September 7th-8th 2019 in San Francisco, more than 190 people including religious leaders, civil organization leaders and journalists gathered at San José City Hall for HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. Chairman: Mr. Man Hee Lee) 5th Anniversary of the WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Summit.

The event was held to write Peace Letters to global heads of state to urge them to support the implementation of international peace law and to understand different religions. It was hosted by the WARP Office Interfaith Dialogue with a speech from a member of the HWPL International Law Peace Committee, which drafted the DPCW's (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) 10 articles and 38 clauses for world peace. Concrete measures for achieving world peace were proposed.

All VIPs and participants discussed practical measures for implementing the DPCW through the U.N General Assembly and agreed on the necessity of peace throughout the world.


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  1. Beautiful work. The hope of an end to wars can only be found in the enactment and implementation of the DPCW. I will continue to support HWPL until the day this becomes a reality.