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[Food] Mandu (만두, Korean style dumpling)


[Food] Mandu (만두, Korean style dumpling)

In Far-East Asia, dumplings had been originally invented in China more than 1500 years ago during the war to sacrifice to a god in a river in southern China (for more information, I recommend you google it :) )

A few centuries later - in the 11th century - Koreans started cooking Mandu ('dumpling' in Korean). They steamed it and made soup from it.

Today, mandu (dumpling) is one of the most common and popular dishes in noodle restaurants and snack shops.

Mandu sold as huge steams rises from the pot of dumplings

Steamed meat mandu

Then why do Koreans love mandu?

1. Thin and chewy skin (usually made of flour, potato starch etc.)

2. Soft and juicy meat and cooked minced vegetables with seasoning

3. Great when steamed, fried and boiled in soup

4. Easy and quick to eat (not quick to cook)

Pan fried mandu

Although perceived as an easy-to-cook food, making Mandu actually takes a lot of time and effort as it is made with minced meat and vegetables, and skin to wrap it in. As with Chinese families, Korean families usually gather at home and make dumplings together during Korean New Years and Chuseok (Thanksgiving season) according to family tradition.

According to mandu tradition, beautiful mandu means beautiful children (believe or not).

Mandu stuffed with curry and meat

Thinly deep fried mandu
Koreans, who are lovers of liquor and soup, enjoy mandu with hot/mild and spicy soup with a bottle of soju (Korean distilled liquor), regardless of the season.

Spicy mandu soup

Spicy mandu soup with mushroom and vegetable
If you plan to visit Korea in winter, how about trying a bowl of hot mandu soup? It will quickly warm your whole body :)

Bon Appétit!

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