Tuesday, September 10, 2019

[HWPL] 2019 HWPL World Peace Summit "Legislate Peace" Around the World


[HWPL] 2019 HWPL World Peace Summit "Legislate Peace" Around the World

Today's article has less words and more photos than previous articles about HWPL and the 918 World Peace Summit "Legislate Peace" because many cities have been hosting the event since my most recent article :)

1. Africa (Burundi, Rwanda, Kenya, Lesotho)

2. Asia (East Timor, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand)

3. North America (U.S.A)

I will post more photos as soon as I receive them from all over the world :) I wish more people and nations to support the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) with its 10 Articles 38 Clauses so that we can make world peace in the near future :)


Want to be informed and involved? Click Below!

2019 World Peace Summit Official Homepage : 

HWPL official homepage : www.hwpl.kr

IWPG official homepage : http://www.iwpg.org/en/

IPYG official homepage : www.ipyg.kr


  1. Simply inspiring. I can really see an end to war and peace on the earth. I hope this work will continue to grow rapidly. Thank you, HWPL.

  2. I am excited to be alive to see this work!! Peace is coming!

  3. 平和ってもう少しですね。

  4. 本当に平和って感じがします

  5. Peace isn't very far from us!! It's possible if more people are aware of the consequences of wars!

  6. Let's sign an end-of-war peace agreement!!