Friday, September 27, 2019

[HWPL] 2019 HWPL 918 World Peace Summit Live!


[HWPL] 2019 HWPL 918 World Peace Summit Live!

Last Wednesday, September 18th 2019, was one of the greatest days in history of Korea's peace work. HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) hosted the 2019 HWPL 918 World Peace Summit at Suwon World Cup Stadium (a.k.a. Big Bird) in Suwon, South Korea, with countless participants including HWPL chairman Man Hee Lee and peace advocates from all over the world.

Mass display of HWPL emblem

Chairman Man Hee Lee (white), IWPG's general director (pink) and IPYG's general director (navy)
The summit opened with participants' loud cheers and applause and tremendous trumpet sounds from marching bands. All participants welcomed Chairman Man Hee Lee and the general directors of IWPG (International Women's Peace Group) and IPYG (International Peace Youth Group), and peace advocates who are taking the lead in the global peace campaign.

Volunteers for the mass game and card sections displayed HWPL and DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) during their performances, while the stadium's giant electric display board showed the achievements of HWPL's peace initiatives.
Ms. Hyeonsuk Yoon, the general director of IWPG

Mr. Youngmin Jung, the general director of IPYG

Many prominent people including the general directors of IWPG and IPYG, ex-presidents, politicians and global religious leaders delivered congratulatory speeches for the summit to urge people everywhere.

HWPL 918 World Peace Summit were held at so many cities around the world
Meanwhile, local HWPL 918 World Peace Summit events were held simultaneously in many cities in Korea. Those who participated in these local events also showed their desire for world peace.


One of the most impressive performances was the card section expressing Korean history and the desire for reunification of the Korean peninsula and for world peace. It touched the bottom of so many peoples' hearts, and thousands of cameras were flashing.

A media façade for the reunification of the Korean peninsula and for world peace was displayed, brightening everyone's heart. It really reflected everyone's hope for world peace and strengthened the desire to achieve world peace together.

As I watched the 2019 HWPL 918 World Peace Summit via Youtube, I was so touched that there are countless people out there who really want to pass on a peaceful world to future generations. As more people sign the DPCW and write Peace Letters through HWPL's "Legislate Peace" campaign, I'm sure that the global community will take more steps forward towards world peace :)


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  1. World leaders who truly love their country and people will sign in support of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. Those who don't will expose their true intent for power and authority. I'm convinced that the DPCW is the only solution to ending wars and achieving peace.

  2. People who truly understand and seek peace will support dpcw