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[HWPL] HWPL Ulsan branch Joins the 100th Anniversary of the March First Independence Movement


[HWPL] HWPL Ulsan branch Joins the 100th Anniversary of the March First Independence Movement

A sculpted copper plate depicting a scene from the 'Korean Declaration of Independence' on the 1st March 1919.

Centennial Anniversary event of 3.1 Independence Day at Gwanghwamun square on the 1st March 2019

3.1 Independence Movement Day is a day that celebrates the 'Korea Declaration of Independence' that happened across Korea in 1919 to restore the country's national sovereignty. Every Korean - including man, woman, student and elder of every gender, social class  and religion - participated in every city to protest against the Japanese colonial occupation that had subjugated Korea through military force and an unjust treaty.

Koreans everywhere shouted 'Long Live Korea Independence!' as they held Korean flags. The Japanese colonial government, who felt threatened by this peaceful unarmed movement, repressed Koreans through military force and violence, even though they hadn't committed any violent actions.

Nowadays, the 1st of March is a national holiday commemorating and honoring people who participated in the movement and fought against the Japanese colonial occupiers. 2019 marks the 100th anniversary of their movement :)

To celebrate the 3.1 Independence Movement, a marathon event was hosted in Ulsan. Participants from HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) Ulsan branch took part in the event to celebrate 3.1 Independence Day.

700 members of HWPL participated in the event as athletes and volunteers. The event was hosted by Korean Track-and-Field Athletes. HWPL's volunteers provided pre-event performances with Korean traditional instruments and cheered on the runners.

In particular, 30 HWPL marathoners dressed up as independence fighters, chanting 'Long Live Korean Independence!' and 'We are One!' to energize the event.

An HWPL Ulsan Branch representative said, "All members participated in the marathon with one heart, desiring the reunification of Korea and honoring the 100th anniversary of the March First Independence Movement wearing 'Peace and Restoration of Light' hairbands. We will keep contributing to local society with active volunteer work."

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  1. Thoughout history, people have been rallying and crying out for justice and peace. The March First Independence Movement was no different.