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[HWPL] Peace Journalist Meeting in Katmandu -The First Nepal Media Forum for Peace Journalism-


[HWPL] Peace Journalist Meeting in Katmandu 

-The First Nepal Media Forum for Peace Journalism-

Original Article :

HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. Chairman: Mr. Man Hee Lee) has been carrying out initiatives for world peace. Spreading peace news and culture is one of them. To this end, HWPL has been liaising international reporters and journalists for world peace and Mr. Man Hee Lee believes that the press has a very significant role to play in the accomplishment of world peace.

HWPL media peace forums have been hosted in 22 countries around the world so far, and the first local HWPL media peace forum was held in Nepal.

On 19th of January, the 1st Nepal media peace forum entitled "Voice of Press Media Forum in Nepal for Peace Journalism: Peace Initiative" was held in Kathmandu, Nepal, by HWPL's public relations department, in cooperation with Nepalese journalists.

That day, HWPL introduced 3 main peace initiatives, which are :

- International law for peace

- Interfaith Dialogue

- Peace education

Moreover, the forum included :

- Presentations on peace journalism by 5 Nepalese journalists

- Discussions on ways to participate in the promotion of the Peace Initiative in Nepal

The Chief Executive Producer of Janata Television, Deependra Bikram Tamang, spoke about HWPL's peace work, which is 'Legislate Peace Campaign' for the introduction of the DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of war). The producer added :

"Now it is the responsibility of the media to create an environment for the implementation of peace law through raising peoples' awareness for peace"

HWPL's media peace forum is aimed  at delivering continual peace news in order to nurture a culture of peace and human rights values around the world. It helps all journalists who want to work for world peace and build stronger ties transcending border, race and religion.

Laxman D. Pant, Track Nepal of the Media Action Nepal, said :

"Media people have a great role to play spreading peace and denouncing war. They are the real messengers of peace. Negative news tends to be reported more prominently than positive ones in Nepal. But Peace Initiative is spreading news of peace making a positive effect on societies."

That day, participants all agreed that the movement of peace journalism via HWPL's media forum is needed in Nepal. Piya Ratna Maharjan, President of Track Nepal and the co-organizer of the 1st Nepal Media Forum added:

"All Nepalese media people should be given an opportunity to hear about P.I. (Peace Initiative) and to jointly work for making a positive influence on society by spreading news of peace"

Writer's comment : I think that the press has an irreplaceable and crucial role in making world peace. That's why HWPL and Mr. Man Hee Lee have been continually encouraging and hosting numerous conferences and forums for the international press, reporters and journalists. People are most influenced by news and the press; therefore, I think that every media personnel must become a Peace Initiator who delivers peace news and positive thoughts about building world peace so that more people can get involved in this work and support world peace :) Good job Nepal!


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