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[HWPL] The Peace Office Meeting! - 'Relationship between Religion and Peace'


[HWPL] The Peace Office Meeting! - 'Relationship between Religion and Peace'

Greetings! Family of Peace :)

Today, I have brought short news for the world peace. 

On 15th December 2018, the western Seoul-Gyeonggi branch of WARP (World Alliance of Religions' and Peace) Office of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. Chairman: Mr. Man Hee Lee) hosted a Bible Comparison Discussion.

The topic that day was 'Relationship between Religion and Peace', and the main questions were 'How is peace defined within your respective religions?' and 'Why is peace so significant?'. 

Mr. Heungsub Lee of the Confucius Institute, Mr. Changgi Baek of Chun Bikyeong-Koressance, Prof. Jaebum Ahn (Theologist), other VIPs from various professions and 50 citizens participated in discussion to understand one another’s religion.

Original Article (http://m.koreasisailbo.com/5058), 18-12-2018 / Reporter: Jungmi Baek, Sisa Daily

Mr. Lee, who spoke on the Confucius panel, said that "Moderation (Middle path) is about being neither too open about one's emotion nor too controlled so that one remains in the middle."

Mr. Baek of the Chunbukyeong-Koressance said "Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity started differently but the destination is the same. When we believe in religion with just a string of hope will become one some day and world peace will come true."

Theology Prof. Jaebum Ahn said "God is the main body of peace and Jesus came to the world as the messenger of peace 2000 years ago (Luke 19:38). Now the world is in constant suffering and war but the book of Revelation explains the concrete process to creating world peace. Eventually, all of God's creation will return to its original form and to a world of peace with God, as HE promises."

Original Article (http://m.koreasisailbo.com/5058), 18-12-2018 / Reporter: Jungmi Baek, Sisa Daily
Ms. Miyoung Gwon, who participated in discussion in the audience, said "I have been seeing the conflicts and disputes among religious people via the press, but it is amazing to see religious leaders trying to begin a new era through learning and open dialogue, and not insisting on one's own opinions. I think that this is a is very meaningful meeting and discussion."

Writer's comment : The reporter for this article introduced HWPL as running 250 branch offices in 127 countries to make world peace since the 2014 WARP summit :) As an HWPL supporter, I'm always happy to hear news of events about HWPL and its WARP Office. I hope the discussion delivers a message of world peace through the alliance of religions :)

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