Thursday, January 10, 2019

[HWPL] Dr. Muhammad Said 'HWPL's Peace Education DOES Work!'


[HWPL] Dr. Muhammad Said 'HWPL's Peace Education DOES Work!'

Recently, HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light. Chairperson : Man Hee Lee) posted an article based on personal experience of Dr. Lynne Beyah Muhammad, founder of STREAM Labs in USA. Dr. Muhammad is a veteran educator with 40 years experience working with students of all ages from 2 to 60 years.

According to Dr. Muhammad and statistics, USA has suffered much violence, crime and gunfire, and the aftermath of these incidents include PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) for children exposed to brutal crime and deaths of family members.

Therefore, she wanted children to acquire problem-solving skills through non-violent means. She discovered that children use violence as a way to solve all problems because they are often engaged playing violent video games. So she provided children with her education program to help them become agents of peace within their community. She thought to herself "I want to give them more" and she acknowledged that HWPL's Peace Education strengthened her program. 

According to Dr. Muhammad, HWPL's peace curriculum consists of 20 chapters across 4 levels according to the student's age and grade. She said that chapter 1 of HWPL's peace education teaches that 'All creation is the biggest community and lives in harmony'. It teaches children how they should live within the family, school, local and human community.

She used photos, art, geometry and technology to teach them a definition of peace that includes the following: happiness; living in harmony among people with different characteristics; necessary tools for maintaining a happy family and community; how living together and helping each other gives greater pleasure and comfort than being alone; and how people should help each other and live in harmony despite our differences. She said that her final goal of this project was to 'keep students aware of the need to maintain peace by providing for the peaceful co-existence of community members.'

Students' final assignment required suggestion of a resolution for issues that can break peace within their family or community. Children figured out how to solve the problem and how peace can be restored within the community.

Dr. Muhammad said :

"With the help of HWPL's Peace Education program, The STREAM Labs' Summer program helped students see and understand how valuable and precious people can be to each other when we help one another and live together in spite of our unique characteristics. Therefore, we should value and cherish one another. When we embrace and respect our differences, the world will become more harmonious.

HWPL's peace education teaches people that conflicts can be resolved without violence, but with peaceful means. It teaches the importance of being a family and community and how we can work it out. Diversity with respect and harmony creates love and peace. People are the cause of conflict and war, which means they can also be their 'solution' by removing greed and selfishness and educating them on harmony and peace.

Mr. Man Hee Lee's HWPL is aimed at teaching love, peace, filial duty and loyalty so that the world can be healed through peace and the cessation of war.

Writer's comment : I'm very happy to read this article which shows the effectiveness of HWPL's peace education and results of Mr. Man Hee Lee's work. Look at the last picture of students smiling brightly with their peaceful resolution to conflicts :) I hope all people in the world can receive HWPL's peace education soon :)

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