Tuesday, September 18, 2018

[IWPG] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : Go, IWPG! Don't Worry, Mama is Here for YOU


[IWPG] 918 World Peace WARP Summit : Go, IWPG! Don't Worry, Mama is Here for YOU

Greetings! Family of Peace :) Today is the 19th and there are two sessions that you can watch live! In this article, I am going to introduce the IWPG (International Women's Peace Group) session.

IWPG is one of the two wings of HWPL and is comprised of women, who are often major victims of war and world conflicts. In order to protect their husbands and children from war and to nurture women's basic rights, they work in collaboration with HWPL through major initiatives (the DPCW, 'Legislate Peace' campaign etc.).

So, what is the title of today's IPYG session?

Title : 2018 Worldwide Women’s Peace conference
Sub-Title :  The Role of Women in Realizing Peace on the Korean Peninsula and in the World

When : The 19th, September, 2018. 13:00 GMT +9

How can I watch it? Click this link below 

During this session, many leaders from global women's organizations will discuss :

1. Understanding the vision and initiatives of IWPG and the expansion of IWPG's peace initiatives in each country (urging for and support of the DPCW, women's peace education etc.)?

2. How they can establish networks among women organizations?

3. How they can increase membership of IWPG and its peace advisory council?

Moreover, there will be more topics and case studies of peace initiatives by leaders from many countries :)

IWPG has been carrying out many global peace initiatives with HWPL to support HWPL's peace work and its DPCW through the 'Legislate Peace campaign'. Furthermore, IWPG also works for the improvement and protection of women's rights globally. Let's take a look at their work :)

Women are major victims of war and conflict who lose husbands and children because of hostilities. Moreover, they are exposed to sexual harassment and crime. Even now, many women in the world are victims of discrimination and receive poor treatment in their community and country.

Then, who should move to change the current situation? First of all, every woman must be united with one heart to push IWPG's main initiatives. I'm so sure that women united as one will move the whole world. They comprise more than half of the world's population - 3.6 billion. Then what are you waiting for? :)

Regardless whether you are a single woman or a mother, you have to participate in this global campaign to change the world for yourself.

Remember : Yes, SHE CAN :)

Click below links and join the world peace!

Official 918 World Peace WARP Summit Homepage : www.warpsummit.org

2018 Worldwide Women’s Peace conference


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