Monday, September 10, 2018

[HWPL News] Global Steps Forward To World Peace! : HWPL's Peace Summits in Africa

[HWPL News]

Global Steps Forward To World Peace! : HWPL's Peace Summits in Africa

This past August was a very busy month for HWPL and its chairman, Man Hee Lee, who visited Africa on the 29th Peace Trip. HWPL hosted many events during the trip to establish concrete plans for the implementation of the DPCW (the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) to accomplish world peace, and Africa welcomed HWPL's peace work with countless participants and  collaborative support.

HWPL's peace summit in Africa is not the first of its kind. It had previously been hosted in the Republic of South Africa in 2015 with numerous participants and successful results.

This year, HWPL hosted the "African Leaders of Peace Summit 2018" in Capetown, Republic of South Africa, as well as the "Ethiopia Peace Conference", "Addis Ababa Summit" and "Open Dialogue with Religious Leaders" in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. These peace summits demonstrated that people of all backgrounds including political leaders, legal experts, educational professionals, religious leaders, leaders of civil organizations, leaders of women's and youth groups and citizens want to implement the DPCW and its 10 articles 38 clauses for a peaceful Africa and a peaceful world.

Africans, who have suffered a lot through countless conflicts and hostilities, are people who desperately desire a world without war for themselves and for their future children.

What, then, made the African people participate in HWPL's peace summits and support the DPCW? Don't you want to know why and what happened during this year's African peace summits? :)

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