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[Trip] Busan points of interest with City Tour Bus


Busan points of interest with City Tour Bus

Must Visit Busan Attractions

I boarded the Jumbo tour bus in front of Busan Station and bought myself a Day Pass ticket.
I was given a red paper bracelet.  The Busan Tour bus was a double-decker.  It sure is great to look out from the second floor and with all the usual beautiful scenery.

The first stop on the Busan Jumbo tour was at the White Rife Culture Village.  This place is known as a famous filming location for Korean movies.
When I walked into this village, it was wonderful to be able to see the blue ocean view as well as the white wall with crafted tiles.
There was also the sweet wood carving of a gull and flowers.  The great walls truly added to the beauty and quiet atmosphere of the entire scenery.

After 30 minutes, I went back to the very place where I got off the bus.  The following next bus was approaching which to me to my next stopping place.
That place was the Sky Observatory!
It's at a good location if you wanted to look down at the cool, nice, blue sea of Busan.
Then, I walked down the stairs to the cliff and there was a esplanade.

The next stop had the entire tour's best highlights!

This was at Taejongdae Park where there is a marine cliff with the forest and amazing rocks which  can be seen with also stores nearby.
By the way, this place has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Must See Places in all of South Korea.  Moreover, it too has been called a Must See Place when visiting Busan.

Once you get there, you have the option to climb up or take a Danubi train to the very top.
Despite visiting there on a weekday, there were lots of people there.  Therefore, I had to wait for some time when it came to purchasing tickets.
The ticket prices are as follows currently:
3,000KRW (won) for adults, 2,000KRW (won) for youths and 1,500KRW (won) for children.
The Danubi train operates at an interval of 20 minutes.

I did get to the Observatory of Taejongdae Park.  It was a clear day and so I could see the sight.  It was amazing!
I wondered what the VR Zone on third floor was like since there were these VR experience zones.

Anyways, I was starving some and was quite hungry since I went on this tour from the early morning hours without having eaten anything.
And so, I decided to check out the OCEAN LOUNGE which is where the Observatory is located.  Well, there at the lounge, they had coffee, cake, etc.

But the best thing about the place was their steak.  It looked so juicy and tender!  It looked delicious!  So tasty looking that I just had to take a picture of it!
Later, I got to enjoy and absolutely loved the window view which was all ocean!  I took a look out at all the beautiful scenery as I dined.  Afterwards, I felt I sure did eat with a good grace.

Eventually, I left to the next place.  Anyways, I must get going for the moment but I will make sure to post next time!  As always, thank you so much for reading my writings!^^

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