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[HWPL] [HWPL] New HWPL Peace Monument Erected in Hyderabad, India, to Spread the Culture of Peace


[HWPL] New HWPL Peace Monument Erected in Hyderabad, India, to Spread the Culture of Peace

HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, Chairman Man-hee Lee) has branches and affiliate organizations in almost every country. It also has a branch in New Delhi, India and one of the affiliates of HWPL in India is IPS International, an educational group. These two groups recently worked together to erect a peace monument in Hyderabad.

Then, why did they build the peace monument in Hyderabad? The city of Hyderabad is famous for its abundant culture and linguistic traditions. However, it is also infamous for tragic religious conflicts and local riots between Hindu and Muslim people. To begin spreading the culture of peace in the region, HWPL and IPS International held an unveiling ceremony of the HWPL peace monument from 15th to 17th January 2023 with politicians, educational and religious leaders, journalists, IPS International students, and their parents in attendance.

Ms. Diksha Ranjan, Deputy General Director of WARP Office, New Delhi, India Branch of HWPL, said in her speech during the event that “HWPL Peace monument is a catalyst for creating a new peace culture in India, and it is an important international symbol showing us the firm conviction of HWPL for bringing sustainable peace in the world. Through the peace monument unveiling ceremony in Hyderabad, we are inspired to unite one in heart. This solidified zeal for a noble cause will lead us to overcome our differences and work together as one to achieve peace and cessation of hostilities and violence.”

Additionally, the HWPL Publicity Ambassador appointment ceremony took place. HWPL appointed Mr. Syed Illyas Ahmed, the managing director of IPS International, as the HWPL publicity ambassador for further peace activities in Hyderabad. In his speech about the changes that HWPL can bring to Hyderabad, Mr. Syed Illyas Ahmed emphasized that “I have never gone through such an organization like HWPL, which leads all global leaders and citizens into one for peace. Their approach and peace-realizing ideas like religious discourse searching for the truth, peace education for future generations, and implementation of international law based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) are convincing.”

After he received the certificate as HWPL publicity ambassador, Mr. Syed Illyas Ahmed gratefully presented an honorary appreciation plaque to Chairman Man-hee Lee on behalf of IPS International. He expressed his heart of admiration for Chairman Lee by saying that “Peace is not something that comes from begging or pleading, but from putting in an effort. Chairman Man-hee Lee is proving this to the world with his full devotion even at 91 years old. I will do my best to contribute to the realization of the Chairman’s vision of leaving peace as the eternal legacy to the future generations.”

IPS international students and religious leaders working with HWPL expressed their congratulations on the endeavors of HWPL and IPS International for spreading a culture of peace in Hyderabad. IPS international students performed a fan dance on HWPL’s original song “Make a World of Peace.” Also, Mr. Ashish Barua, Founder and President of Peace Initiatives Foundation, and Prof. Dr. C.S.R. Prabhu, Chairman of Vishwa Yoga Vidyapeeth, shared their expectation on the future change of Hyderabad with the peace work by HWPL and IPS International in their speeches.

Why did they want the HWPL peace monument erected in their region? The HWPL peace monument is a symbol of peace culture that promotes the non-violent and peaceful resolution of conflicts on all grounds. It gives the answer to wars and conflicts through peace education and the WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Office, which are expected to solve ongoing hostilities in Hyderabad.

Let's wish that the HWPL peace monument delivers the message of peace to the whole of India :)

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