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[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (46): “Chairman Lee Contributes to the Realization of World Peace, WARP Office Awakens Spirit of Love Among Religions”


[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (46): “Chairman Lee Contributes to the Realization of World Peace, WARP Office Awakens Spirit of Love Among Religions”

At the '7th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality' hosted by SREI Foundation at Le Meridien Hotel in India on December 22, 2015, Chairman Man-hee Lee is being awarded a plaque of appreciation for 'Recognition for Service to Humanity'

Chairman Lee visited India again after a year on December 19, 2015, after the 16th Peace Tour. Chairman Lee and the peace delegation who arrived at Indira Gandhi International Airport, India, on the 19th were greeted by Manjit Singh GK, President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee, whom he had met during the 16th peace tour. They presented bouquets of flowers to Chairman Lee and his peace delegation.

Mr. Singh organized transportation and security personnel to transport Chairman Lee and the peace delegation to their accommodation. The welcome ceremony continued in the lobby of Le Meridien Hotel. Vijay Jolly, President of Delhi Study Group, and his party came to the hotel lobby and presented Chairman Lee with a plaque of appreciation. Even dignitaries, who had planned to meet with Chairman Lee the following day, came directly to the hotel to meet Chairman Lee.

Chairman Man-hee Lee delivers a keynote speech at Le Meridien Hotel in New Delhi, India, on December 22, 2015, during the '7th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality' hosted by SREI Foundation

Ahead of a packed schedule on the 20th, Dr. Hari Prasad Kanoria, Chairman of SREI Foundation and an HWPL Advisory Council member, visited Chairman Lee at Le Meridien Hotel. Dr. Kanoria, who had attended the 1st and 2nd Annual Commemoration of the World Alliance of Religions' Peace (WARP) Summit in September 2014 and September 2015, was impressed by Chairman Lee's peace movement and decided to cooperate with HWPL on their peace tours. During the 16th Peace Tour, he arranged a meeting between Abdul Kalam, the 11th President of India, and Chairman Lee. During that peace tour, Chairman Lee was invited to a large spiritual event hosted by the SREI Foundation.

Dr. Kanoria is a former Judge of the High Court of Calcutta and a Hindu. Nevertheless, he has a deep knowledge of other religions and had a meeting with Chairman Lee about the Book of Job in the Bible. He was overjoyed at receiving a portrait gift of himself and a picture frame by HWPL.

On the 22nd, a spiritual event was hosted by SREI Foundation at Le Meridien Hotel in India. The SREI Foundation was established in 2009 and is in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (UN ECOSOC). Since 2010, it has held its annual international 'World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality' conference, and has continued exchanges of correspondence with global political and religious leaders. About 1,000 people attended the '7th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality', where Chairman Lee was invited as a keynote speaker and representative of South Korea.

On December 22, 2015, key figures who attended the ‘7th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality' hosted by the SREI Foundation are taking commemorative photos at Le Meridien Hotel in India

Chairman Lee explained the reason why, despite being religious, he launched a peace tour rather than a religious movement: “If peace is achieved, the Creator will return to rule over the world, and if he reigns, this whole world will be blessed.” In addition, Chairman Lee emphasized that "peace is something we can do, but it's not been achieved because we're not doing it," and added that conflicts in India can be resolved if they set their minds to it.

Dr. Kanoria expressed his appreciation for Chairman Lee's steps towards sustainable peace and delivered his plaque of appreciation at the meeting. In the plaque of appreciation entitled 'Recognition for Service to Humanity', the Foundation's plaque reads, "Chairman Lee's mission is to live and let live in peace, harmony, love following the path of righteousness protecting Mother Earth. He has faith in his own religion while respecting other religions," and also praised Chairman Lee's achievements, saying, “He awakens the inner power & ignite human power.” With reference to the HWPL peace movement, he stated, "HWPL works towards a world with happiness, peace, harmony, austerity, simplicity, prosperity & good health for all."

A press conference was then held at the request of the Indian media without taking time for lunch. Seven media outlets participated: TV5, CNN-IBN, Human Rights Observers, Rajya Sabha TV, Chardikla Time TV, DELTA News, and Samachar Varta.

On December 22, 2015, at Le Meridien Hotel in India, Chairman Lee gives a keynote speech at the ‘7th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality' conference hosted by SREI Foundation

The final schedule was a meeting between Chairman Lee and his peace delegation and officials of the HWPL India WARP Office. The HWPL WARP Office is a forum for religious people to gather and engage in discussion for the realization of peace, and it was launched through the 2014 WARP Summit. Based on the 23rd peace tour, 104 independent seminars were established in 56 countries over about a year: 15 in the Americas, 10 in Africa, 47 in Asia, 6 in Oceania, 17 in Europe, 6 in the Middle East, and 3 in the Commonwealth of Independent States.

In the WARP Office, religious people gather under the theme of peace alone, compare and discuss their scriptures, realize their duties and cooperate. For this reason, it is strongly praised among religious leaders as an historic, epochal and unprecedented meeting platform. In particular, in countries with extreme conflict, the true value of the WARP Office is shining brightly.

Indians who had attended the WARP Summit confirmed the answer to peace, returned to their countries and voluntarily opened branches of the HWPL WARP Office. During the 23rd Peace Tour, HWPL India actively held WARP office meetings in five regions: Delhi, Nagpur, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. The WARP Office religious leaders active within each region who had heard the news of Chairman Lee and the peace delegation's visit gathered and invited Chairman Lee to a meeting.

Participants attending the ‘7th World Confluence of Humanity, Power and Spirituality’ hosted by the SREI Foundation at Le Meridien Hotel, India on December 22, 2015
At that meeting, Pastor Viraj Manohal Sende of Murray Memorial Hospital said, “The WARP Office plays an important role in awakening the spirit of love in religion. I really respect Chairman Lee. He is a most precious individual because he conveys a message that can end wars and achieve world peace for everyone, uniting various religions through dialogue, and contributing to the realization of peace.” He presented Chairman Lee with the Peace Bell as a token of his gratitude.

Participants studied and discussed scriptures and asked questions about matters they were unable to solve. Chairman Lee responded to the questions step by step. Religious people who attended that day promised to become one with HWPL. The Sikh party sent Chairman Lee and his delegation off on their way home.


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