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[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (44): “Chairman Lee’s Peace Movement is ‘Innovative’, The World Must Support and Cooperate On It”


[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (44): “Chairman Lee’s Peace Movement is ‘Innovative’, The World Must Support and Cooperate On It”

HWPL Chairman Man-hee Lee (center) meets with UN International Law Commissioner Narinder Singh (right) at Le Meridien Hotel in Delhi, India on December 21, 2015 to discuss the drafting of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War and its submission to the United Nations. On the 20th, the previous day, at the same place, he met Pravin Parekh (left), President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of India, and had a meeting.

The country that was host to the 23rd Peace Tour in 2015 was India. For about a week from December 18 to 23, 2015, the peace delegation of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL, Chairman Man-hee Lee) met with Indian dignitaries who were moved after having attended the 1st Annual Commemoration of the WARP (World Alliance of Religions' Peace) Summit held that year, and they gathered for continued practical discussions towards the realization of peace.

In particular, lawyers in India expressed their active support for the drafting of an international peace law, which was being progressed by the HWPL International Law Peace Committee. HWPL had gathered experts from around the world to draft an international law for the cessation of war, formed the International Law Peace Committee, and was drafting a bill with 12 provisions for enactment as international law. In fact, drafting international law and systematizing existing international law is, in essence, the mandate of the United Nations International Law Commission. Therefore, the drafting of the peace bill by HWPL also had to follow the procedure set by the United Nations. During this 23rd Peace Tour in India, HWPL was able to receive more practical advice from Narinder Singh, the then Chairperson of the United Nations International Law Commission, who was also on the HWPL Advisory Committee.

Chairman Lee had a meeting with Chairperson Singh at Le Meridien Hotel in Delhi, India on December 21st. Chairperson Singh said he was well-acquainted with former Justice Minister of Bangladesh Kamal Hossain, who also serves on the HWPL Advisory Committee. In particular, Fathi Kemicha (Tunisia), a current member of the International Law Association and former member of the UN International Law Commission, said that he and Kamal Hossain had been former colleagues and spoke of him as a highly respected and experienced lawyer. He explained the role of the UN International Law Commission and that the HWPL International Law Peace Committee seemed to be conducting a sound job with the drafting of the bill.

Chairman Lee said, "We intend to enact an international law and publicize the declaration worldwide. When the international law is completed, it will be signed by the presidents of each country, and it will then be submitted to the United Nations for enactment." Chairperson Singh advised in detail the procedure for submitting the draft bill to the UN for enactment as international law, saying, "A very important step is to secure the presidents' signatures before submitting the bill to the UN."

Chairman Lee said, “War and conflict in today's world and the work of world peace is not an individual's problem,” and requested Chairperson Singh's counsel, saying, “We must all unite and achieve a world of peace free from war.” Chairperson Singh replied, “Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such an important mission - our purpose is a most noble and important one.”

After the meeting, Chairman Lee conferred on Chairperson Narinder Singh a letter of appointment as a member of the HWPL International Law Peace Committee. After receiving the letter of appointment, he expressed his gratitude to Chairman Lee, saying, “I am grateful and honored to have been appointed to the HWPL International Law Peace Committee.”

On December 20, 2015, Gandhi Global Family (GGF) members are signing a peace agreement, pledging to cooperate with the HWPL peace movement

Prior to this, on the 20th, the previous day, Chairman Lee held a meeting at the same place with the most influential lawyer in India and President of the Supreme Court Bar Association of India, Pravin Parekh, who has been in legal practice for over 50 years. He received an MA in Public Interest Litigation from Harvard University and served as the Secretary-General of the International Institute of Human Rights Society. Confederation of Indian Bar (CIB) is comprised of various lawyers centered on the Supreme Court of India and has about 34,000 members.

Chairman Lee explained the situation pertaining to the drafting of the international peace bill in an interview with President Parekh and said, “When it (draft bill) is finalized, it will be proclaimed to the world as a declaration. Then, we will send it to the presidents in every country and ask them to sign it for enactment as international law.”

“The people of India will be very happy to work with Chairman Lee and HWPL,” said President Parekh. “Anyone with average intelligence will know that this is the only solution. After watching the video (of the WARP Summit), I saw that many people around the world, especially leaders in every field, were connected to Chairman Lee.” He continued, “In order to achieve this goal through the heads of state, we need to have continuous exchanges with the Ministries of Foreign Affairs or specific ministers right from the outset. I can help with that because I am the sole legal advisor to the president.” He also explained the relevant procedure in India.

Chairman Lee appointed President Parekh, who wanted to apply his acumen to this true peace movement as of first priority above his dazzling career, to the HWPL International Law Peace Committee.

President Parekh, who received the letter of appointment, said, “I am very impressed by Chairman Lee, who is dedicated to enacting an international law for peace. His purpose is also important to me. Chairman Lee's peace movement is an innovative idea, so I think it will go very well." He also said of Chairman Lee, “The Chairman is a sincere person. His activities will be a success, and we also need to ask for support and cooperation from all over the world, because the more people that come together, the better the result.”

President Parekh pledged to participate in HWPL's enactment of international law for world peace by utilizing the legal infrastructure in India.

On December 20, 2015, the Gandhi Global Family (GGF) in India confers on Chairman Lee a medal with Gandhi engraved on it, and takes a commemorative photo

In India, home to Mahatma Gandhi, a local peace organization, impressed by Chairman Lee's peace movement, prepared a medal. A special awards ceremony was held at the Gandhi Global Family (GGF) office in India on the 20th following a meeting with President Parekh. GGF, which embodies the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi, prepared a medal engraved with Gandhi and welcomed Chairman Lee. GGF is a non-profit, non-political organization with the goal of resolving the conflict in Kashmir, India's major conflict zone, and achieving reconciliation among countries, and is active in 44 countries. They prepared the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Medal, the highest GGF award conferred on celebrities and organizations that have contributed to humanity, for Chairman Lee. Notable recipients include the Dalai Lama, former US President Bill Clinton, and UPA Chairperson & President of INC Smt Sonia Gandhi, a descendant of Mahatma Gandhi.

Chairman Lee said at the awards presentation ceremony, "We've met in the name of God and in the name of peace, so let's never waver in our resolve and let's achieve our goal. In India, you (local people) have to be at the center of your country to achieve peace. If you do so, you will make peace."

They pledged to join the peace movement of Chairman Lee by signing the peace agreement.

Regarding the background to the awarding the medal, GGF Vice-President Padmashri S P Varma explained, "Chairman Lee is a world leader of peace and has awakened the spirit of peace throughout the world."

On December 19, 2015, President of Delhi Study Group Vijay Jolly (Chairman Lee's left) visits Le Meridien Hotel in Delhi, India, where Chairman Lee and the delegation are staying and delivers a plaque of appreciation to Chairman Lee

The day before, at Le Meridien Hotel, Delhi Study Group presented Chairman Lee with a plaque of appreciation. Delhi Study Group is a non-governmental organization composed of prominent figures in the social, cultural and political fields in India. It was organized in 1994 for the cause of justice to the common man in Delhi. Just in time for Chairman Lee's arrival in India, President Vijay Jolly and his party came to the hotel lobby and presented Chairman Lee with a plaque of appreciation for his contributions to world peace.

The next day, Secretary-General Narendla Chabla, who had a meeting with Chairman Lee, put a cloth around Chairman Lee's neck, saying, "This signifies 'highest respect' in India." Earlier, in September of the same year, he had his daughter's wedding, but he put everything aside to attend the first Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit held in Korea. He took out his cell phone and a picture he had taken with Chairman Lee at that time and showed it to Chairman Lee, explaining that his attendance at the 1st Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit remained a pivotal moment in his life.

He said, “I also wish to become an HWPL ambassador for India,” and inquired about the application process to do so. He was appointed as an HWPL Publicity Ambassador on the same day. In an interview after the appointment ceremony, he said, "There was a wedding ceremony for my daughter in Delhi, India, but my daughter told me to go to Korea and attend the 1st Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit.” “We will work together with Chairman Lee for world peace,” he said.


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