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[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (20): “Promoting world peace is the mission of journalists”, Chairman Lee responds to reporter interviews


[HWPL] Peace Tours of Man-Hee Lee (20): “Promoting world peace is the mission of journalists”, Chairman Lee responds to reporter interviews

Chairman Man-hee Lee is interviewed on RBC Televisión Channel 11 on April 4, 2014

On April 4, 2014, Chairman Man-hee Lee was interviewed by the anchorman of the Peruvian broadcaster RBC Televisión Channel 11, who pledged to become a messenger of peace. Chairman Lee pins a chest badge on the anchorman

Through interviews and press conferences, Chairman Lee has truly awakened the mindset of journalists for the realization of peace. Every journalist who meets Chairman Lee has pledged to join HWPL's peace movement and contribute to the cessation of war and achievement of world peace in their respective roles and positions.

On March 12, 2014, a press conference was held at the Royal Palace of King Oyo of Tooro, Uganda. Numerous reporters gather and ask Chairman Lee about the solution to peace

The first stop on the 9th peace tour was Uganda, East Africa, on March 12, 2014. The movements of Chairman Lee and the peace delegation were recorded from the first day at the airport until the last day. Upon their arrival at the Royal Palace of King Oyo of Tooro, domestic broadcasters, including the state-run Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), and media outlets swiftly mobilized to hold a press conference and listen to Chairman Lee.

“I came to Uganda to ask the people of Uganda to become messengers of peace and work together in order to end wars and create a world of peace for posterity. Even though it is difficult for humans to achieve peace because of greed, I wholeheartedly believe that God will fulfil it.” Chairman Lee spoke on world peace, which he had been advocating since his first peace tour in 2012.

The reporters recorded all the messages from the Messenger of Peace, and even after the press conference was completed, they continued to ask questions in what had become a spirited journalistic environment. The news of the visit of Chairman Lee and the peace delegation to Uganda was immediately reported through all media outlets.

European reporters cover Chairman Lee and the peace delegation during a press conference held in Berlin, Germany, on March 16, 2014
The full-fledged schedule in Uganda continued with a press conference held in Europe. Polish and Portuguese media outlets travelled to Berlin, Germany to report on the work of Chairman Lee and the peace delegation.

On March 16, 2014, Chairman Lee's visit to Germany dominated domestic and European media outlets with headlines which read, 'Answer for world peace proposed, visit to Berlin by Korean peace activist' (HTS), and 'World peace activist Man-hee Lee visits Europe' (Norte Litoral TV, Portugal).

At a press conference, Chairman Lee said, “The reason why this person (Chairman Lee) wants to work for peace is because he has been given the clear answer and material to achieve it.” He emphasized, “To attain world peace, all journalists must frequently report on peace.” Chairman Lee explained that in order to achieve world peace, everyone in the world must become a messenger of peace.

European media who met Chairman Lee also pledged to report on peace from that day onwards.

On the early morning of March 21, 2014, Dagmar Mozolová, a reporter from the public broadcaster Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS), visits Chairman Lee to request an interview

From the early morning of March 21st, Dagmar Mozolová, a reporter from the public broadcaster Radio and Television of Slovakia (RTVS) visited Chairman Lee, who said he had a definite answer to peace. Every reporter whom Chairman Lee meets in response to a request for interview, he treats with equal respect. To reporter Mozolová, Chairman Lee particularly emphasized the responsibility of the press.

He said, “I want to ask the media worldwide: What do you think your role is in reporting on the cessation of conflicts and achievement of world peace? Isn’t this the media's responsibility? Are you not pleased knowing there is an answer (to peace)?” After bringing the interview with Chairman Lee to a close, the reporter expressed deep gratitude for his steps towards peace, and she immediately registered with International Women's Peace Group.

In Rome, Italy, reporters who recognized the light of peace requested an interview with Chairman Lee.

On March 30, 2014, former BBC reporter Paresh Solanki shakes hands with Chairman Lee requesting coverage in Italy

Former BBC correspondent Paresh Solanki expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “At Chairman Lee’s age, he should be living comfortably, yet the effort he puts in is remarkable.”

T10 reporter Ruth Broyd, who has worked as a journalist in the US for 40 years, also came to and interviewed Chairman Lee. She said, “Chairman Lee seems to convey the power and message of God,” and said that she wanted to be the first to sign the peace agreement.

On April 30, 2014, reporter Ruth Broyd from T10 listens to Chairman Lee during an interview

In Central and South America, Chairman Lee once again dominated the headlines. On April 8, 2014, Chairman Lee received a certificate of appreciation from the Presidential Palace of Guatemala in recognition of his substantial contribution to peace, and he laid a rose of peace at the Palm of Peace Monument.

This news was immediately reported by TN23 Noticias Guatemala, La Prensa Libre (The Free Press) in Costa Rica, PTV in the Philippines, and Sociedad Uruguaya in Uruguay, who publicized Chairman Lee's leadership in this movement for peace in Latin America. It was also publicized through global media outlets in South Korea, the United States, and Ghana.

Later, after hearing about the meeting between the then President of Uruguay José Mujica and Chairman Lee, Monte Carlo Televisión (later renamed Canal 4), which is Uruguay's largest private broadcasting station, requested an interview with Chairman Lee.

Major media outlets around the world, including the state broadcasters UBC (Uganda) and PTV (Philippines), cover Chairman Man-hee Lee's peace steps

Chairman Lee said, “The work we are doing is to end wars and promote world peace. Everything that has been done is being reported worldwide through the press.” Media representatives in Uruguay immediately wore peace badges and later attended the WARP Summit held in September of that year, which they promised to report on.

Meanwhile, during this visit, in April 2013, Chairman Lee and the Peace Delegation formed a unique relationship with a Mexican pastor couple during their visit to Uruguay. The couple boarded the same plane as Chairman Lee, and were surprised to see a bright light above Chairman Lee. They approached the Peace Delegation and requested to take a picture together. Afterwards, Chairman Lee went to Veracruz, Mexico, upon the invitation of the pastor couple in November of the same year, where he received a certificate of appreciation for peace, a medal, and a plaque of appreciation from a pastoral association.


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  1. This is truly beautiful work. I sincerely hope that the DPCW will be enacted as international law by the United Nations as soon as possible in 2023. Kudos to Chairman Lee of HWPL and all HWPL supporters. In the words of Viktor Yushchenko, former President of Ukraine, “The DPCW is a perfect and balanced document that can be the basis of solidarity for peacekeeping in all countries of the world. I think all the leaders of the countries should support the DPCW."